Sarkar SEO Service | FAQ
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Q. Will you show me the articles written by you before submission?

Ans: Yes, if required we will first confirm the articles with you and only then submit the same to the directories.

Q: Will the properties stick?

Ans: Yes 100%,If you find any property missing, we will replace them for free anytime. Just drop a PM.


Q. Do I have to pay before you start with the project?

Ans: Yes 100% upfront Payment.

Q. How can I order?

Ans: Follow the “Click here to Order Now” button Then, you will be automatically re-directed to the Wufoo Form to fill the details, It will redirect you to payment page.

Q. How many keywords I can give for one package?

Ans: You can provide Total 14-15 Keywords (3 Main keywords, 10 LSI Keywords/Generic keywords and Naked URL). We do use some generic keywords if you don’t provide generic keywords. It works after penguin update.
We will build 15% Links to main keywords and 85% links to other keywords to get best benefit after penguin update.

Q. How many Articles do you write per package?

Ans: We’ll write 4 Unique High Quality Articles in this package (2 * 300-350 words + 2 * 450 words) and spun it heavily and submit into directories.

Q. What Kind of report do I get?

Ans: We will provide report in Excel sheet format. You will see different tabs of each phase.

Q. Do you accept Non English keywords?

Ans: Yes, We accept Non English keywords as well. It works like a charm.

Q. Do you accept Porn/Casino Related websites?

Ans: Yes, We accept all kind of niches for link building.