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November 2021 Local Search Update

Google Confirms Local Search Algorithm Update Rollout

If you local business witnessed huge fluctuations in the local search rankings in the first week of December then there is a very good reason for it. And the reason, as confirmed by Google in a tweet, is November 2021 Local Search Update, which began

Why Discover traffic might dry up - John Muleller

Why Discover traffic might dry up – John Mueller

Traffic is all that we need to establish our business, to get a user base for our content, and to drive more sales but there are different channels to get targeted traffic from. John Mueller recently answered a question about Discover traffic and why it

A Guide to Link Indexing

    SEO gets more competitive every day – unfortunately, typing in a few keywords just isn’t enough to get your website noticed anymore. Having an understanding of SEO has become a crucial tool for the success of both your website and your brand. While

Google’s apparent change in Indexing behavior – Know Why?

  So many of us are juggling through google’s inappropriate indexing behavior for months, google finally accepted on 13 Dec 2021 that there is something wrong at their end, which they are trying to fix. They didn’t reveal what caused it but they show affirmation

google deindexing pages

Website Down for Several Days? Google Will Deindex Webpages

In the recent Google’s After-hours Hangout that livestreamed a few days ago, Google’s John Mueller discussed the negative impact on search rankings if a website experienced downtime, whether planned or unfortunate, for more than a few days. Including how Google will begin deindexing the webpages