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Website Down for Several Days? Google Will Deindex Webpages

In the recent Google’s After-hours Hangout that livestreamed a few days ago, Google’s John Mueller discussed the negative impact on search rankings if a website experienced downtime, whether planned or unfortunate, for more than a few days. Including how Google will begin deindexing the webpages

Google Announced the End of The Core Update Rollout.

Google Announced the End of The Core Update Rollout.

Google ranking scoreboard has always been a bumpy path and now to complicate it a bit more Google’s November Core Update Is now Over.  November 30, 2021, the day after the big Cyber Monday and Black Friday shopping day, Google’s November core algorithm upgrade is

Mobile-first Indexing

Google Postpones 100% Mobile-first Index Switchover

In a recent turn of events, the switchover to 100% Mobile-first Indexing has been postponed, announced Google, though a new blog post shared by John Mueller. What’s more surprising (or not quite) is that Google hasn’t yet set a final date or a deadline, which

ideal blog post length

What is the Ideal Blog Post Length for Best SEO Results?

As long as there have been search engines and search engine optimization, there have inevitable and never-ending debates as to just what an ideal blog post length is for the best SEO results. The opinions have largely been divided into two sections. First, that believes

Google's John Mueller responds to a question on how to prevent content from being indexed in search and whether or not this is something that websites can do

How to prevent your CONTENT from getting indexed in search?

You can opt-out of having a page or other resource appear in Google Search. Google explains how to hide a website from search results in three different ways, and which one you should use depending on your situation and what’s best for your website. Why