Advanced SEO techniques For 2020 & Beyond

Advanced SEO techniques For 2020 & Beyond

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In the past year, we all have witnessed a lot of changes in the cosmos of SEO, and in this dynamic 2020, we are sure there have been more in the bag. However, the foremost pillars of SEO- backlinking, keywords, website speed, and quality content remain the same. 

You might feel that advanced SEO is a little complicated, but it is really based on Google’s points of view on how much your website & content is helpful for users. Be innovative, come up with distinctive approaches to issues, implement business best practices, and use the appropriate techniques to boost the SERP ranking.

We all are very aware that skipping the step of Search Engine Optimization is impracticable, yes until you are willing to pay Google for every click. 

What is Advanced SEO?

Advanced SEO refers to SEO techniques that are broadly not recognized by the naive SEO specialists but couldn’t remain untouched by the experts for advanced information and experience. Basically, advanced SEO is associated with technical SEO and to latest changes created to the Google ranking formula.

Exceptional or not, nothing is preventing you from acing these techniques and using them to enhance your SEO effectively.

Let’s dive in.

We are pretty sure that if you are reading about the advanced SEO techniques then for sure have a baseline knowledge about SEO. Also, you would be well aware of the SEO practice – keywords, backlinking, business listings…lather, rinse, repeat. Yet if you seem for a brush-up or want to dig more about SEO and keyword research then don’t hesitate to visit our latest blogs.


Advanced SEO Checklist 

Here we present 7 tactics and techniques to improve your Google rankings fast dramatically:


 * Writing Long Blog Post 


Well, there is no second thought about the importance of quality content in the process of SEO. The variety and quality of content you are posting plays a vital role also we cannot overlook the content length.

A blog post that thoroughly covers the topic is ideal, and it helps in securing a better search ranking. To understand the association between length of content and its rankings, a study has been presented that all the posts appear on the first-page search result has generally 1890 words long. 


* Target ‘Journalist Keywords

As the name itself depicts that Journalist Keywords are primarily those terms that journalists search for. These are considered as the most desirable way to create backlinks at scale. 

The use of statistics is a golden way of having backlinks from journalism that can dramatically boost your own SEO rankings. At the point when you utilize more journalistic keywords, you will essentially increase the number of domains that identify with your web page.


*Use of Animated Images

The next valuable technique in the list is the use of Animated Images. Being the in charge of website all you solicit the users’ attention on your website or page to enhance the time on site. To succeed your goals, you must know that animated images help the user a lot to understand the important messages and other information in the interface. These are considered as an excellent source to capture the user’s attention and universally liked for interestingly providing quick fits of information. 


*Content Hub

A content hub could be an assortment of internal links that are usually organized by category, and these will be extremely helpful to several website visitors. Basically, hubs prefer additional efforts & matches to meet the user’s search query instead of lengthy text descriptions.

When you produce a hub, you’ll be able to internally link to a variety of pages and facilitate boost the worth of all pages. Users landing on your page might spend ample time exploring all the links available in your hub rather than stretching back to their search results.


*Target Comparison of Keyword


Sit back and just think have you ever used Google for comparing two things. It can be a healthy comparison between new operating systems, service providers, or even search engines. Uprightly, this human behaviour can be a bliss for you as it could be an opportunity for your website to play a vital role in your SEO strategy. 

We will advise you not to underestimate how users are using ‘v/s’ in their search. This user’s behaviour is beneficial for you at the end as having a page that allows you to have a robust comparison with your competitor’s will leads to more engagement of them on your page.


*Backlinks with Podcast

There is no denial to the fact that link building is a difficult task to be accomplished, especially when you own a new website with no domain authority. Let’s suppose you have followed all the steps and done most of the things properly with your content like a bang on keyword research and relevant content to your niche yet not obtained any rank on the first page of Google search because you lacked at creating backlinks. 

The podcast is a marketing tactic that helps in targeting and reaching out to the consumer of your niche. Podcasting is more critical than different strategies, still hugely misjudged in the showcasing network – and nearly disregarded in the SEO people group regarding being an SEO strategy. 

Podcast appearances are way simpler to get backlinks for than writing guest posts on the website because of the last can include taking the hour of composing an article and inquisitive all composed material methods important to get the post distributed through appearing on a podcast is simply a question of presentation and talking.


*Embed Original Images In Your Content

A picture is worth a thousand words. If we tend to observe digital marketing, a strategically used picture might be worth a thousand links. Links play an important role within the success of your digital marketing and eventually, your brand’s growth strategy, and that’s why image-based link building may be a key factor for your search engine ranking.

You need to understand that duplicate images, similar to stock photos, can negatively impact your page rankings. Try to work with a graphic designer to make entirely original images, so you’ll be able to have the bestst|the most effective} probability of ranking as highly as possible.


Final Thoughts

Being a webmaster, we all strive to enhance our search ranking and to get more traffic. After using the right SEO techniques, few of us achieve our desired goal. In this new era, we recommend you to use the right tactics and techniques to optimize your website. Also, you need to steadily follow up with the latest trends of SEO to stay ahead of your competition.

Which is your unique technique for advanced SEO let us know in the comments section below.

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