SEO Case Study: 0 to 300,000+ Daily Visitors in 24 months


After asking founder Mohit Parmani to carry out an SEO campaign to generate traffic & revenue, Famoid found that Sarkar’s SEO strategies drove higher daily visitors & superior quality traffic within the first 2 months.


• 300,000+ daily visitors

• Domain rating – 70

• $80,200 estimated traffic value (Source: Ahrefs)


One Website For All Social Media Services!

Famoid aims to bring the best of Instagram, Facebook & Youtube to the world of Internet Marketing. Since 2017, when it first launched, it has grown rapidly and has delivered over 6 million followers and over 100 million likes just on Instagram. They pride themselves on customer-first approach, reliability & their technical prowess in the industry.


Fight & Win for one of Google’s Highest Competed Industries

Famoid wanted to drive new traffic to its website and then encourage people to make purchases once they were browsing there.


SarkarSEO’s Monthly SEO Packages

Famoid has 0 traffic when they first contacted our support in 2018. They wanted traffic, revenue and they wanted it fast.

Based on their requirements & how competitive their niche was, we suggested them the Gladiator & GodFather packages.

The process started with researching keywords followed by on-site optimisation.

The link building process soon after and was carried every month with a re-evaluation of strategies every 90 days.


Maximising customer acquisition

The initial 3 months proved to Famoid that Sarkar offered a clear advantage to their business. After 2 years of continuous efforts, the business currently has:

  • 300K daily visitors
  • 70 Domain rating
  • $80.2k estimated sales revenue

Products used

  1. Monthly SEO Packages Learn more

  2. On-page Audit

  3. Keyword research

“There has been a steady rise in organic traffic and ranking since SarkarSEO & Mohit began working. The team also improved site speed and received great feedback on the content they provide. Remaining easily accessible, they respond quickly and host regular calls.”


Mohit Parnami
[email protected]

Mohit Parnami aka Sarkar is an entrepreneur, marketer and Co-Founder of SarkarSEO. He is passionate about SEO and lifelong learner to learn new things. He has been in the internet marketing industry for 10+ years.