SEO Case Study: 12X Traffic & 4X Revenue

The Background: About SketchBubble

SketchBubble is one of the world’s leading presentation design firms that specializes in pre-prepared, professionally designed and completely editable PowerPoint, Google Slides and Apple Keynote templates. Nurturing creativity and innovation while maintaining high-standards and uniqueness, has long been their forte and commitment. And combining technology, knowledge, and a keen eye for detail, SketchBubble is able to deliver products that are visually superior yet impactful and highly result-driven. Not to mention, each of their templates is designed by a highly-skilled design professional with significant experience in the field, is easy to download and fully editable.SketchBubble’s unique portfolio caters across businesses and industries: business, marketing, finance et cetera. You name it and they will serve up a template that can be personalized to suit your style and the audience. For anyone looking to translate complex thoughts and ideas into easily understandable visuals, at fair prices, and over 150,000 templates to choose from, SketchBubble is a must-have. Last but not the least; they have been working with some of the most prominent giants in the industry: Adobe, GE, Toyota, Volvo, IBM, HP, and Intel.

The Case: Low Online Visibility and Brand Awareness Resulting in Low Conversions

The online market is highly competitive, is a fact well-established. It either takes something out of the ordinary to put you on the top or doing the ordinary things in the most proficient manner. The Online PowerPoint Templates market is fairly competitive given the number of players in it and almost all of them utilizing Online PPT Templates as the primary keyword. To top it off, many more continue to enter and clog up the keyword, and the market. While in business since 2015, it wasn’t until 2016 that SketchBubble addressed the need for Search Engine Optimization for their website SketchBubble.com.

The company tried multiple SEO Partners at different points for the next two years but the desired results and conversions were still far off. At this rate, their founder remarked, it would be extremely difficult for SketchBubble to survive, expand its business, and flourish in the long run. There just wasn’t enough revenue being generated to sustain it all for years to come. SketchBubble had (and continues to) an excellent product portfolio and customer services to take it places but just no place for its potential customers (a huge base, we should say) to know and recognize. It was in early 2018, almost two years ago, that SketchBubble got in touch with SarkarSEO with the challenge.

The Brief: Taking Acquisitions Up by a few Notches

Maximize traffic, Increase Search Engine Rankings, and a steady rise in conversions. Brief and simple, loud and clear. With their existing SEO strategy struggling to make amends for inconsistent traffic and revenue flow, it was bestowed upon Sarkar and his team to take it from here and restore balance.

The Strategy: Sarkar and The Godfather to the Rescue

A Meticulous Keyword Research and Analysis

Business as usual, every cornerstone SEO campaign begins with an extensive keyword research and analysis to maximise website visitors through both organic and paid traffic. Using popular tools such as keyword.com and kwfinder.com, one of Sarkar’s team compiled a list of relevant keywords that had the potential to rank well. At the same time, another team did the competitors’ keyword analysis. It is one thing to work with new keywords, but a whole different story to beat the keywords deployed and utilized effectively by your competitors leading the market. The two teams then joined forces and analysed every keyword with respect to three main scales: optimizing spend, increasing conversions, and finding new markets. The report was sent to SketchBubble for approval before proceeding with the next step. An inclusive service in all of Sarkar’s Monthly SEO Packages.

An Exhaustive On-page Website Audit

Over the course of years, we’ve realised that almost every website has several non-performing key points that prevents them from getting ranked properly. If you crack this, you are pretty much there. It then becomes a matter of when instead of how. Our audit team is well-versed with the techniques and modern methodologies to catch the problem at its nerve. Following an extensive site audit, several divergences were found and duly noted. An Audit report was then sent to SketchBubble for review and approval. Just FYI, all this is a part of each of Sarkar’s Monthly SEO Packages.

Our Technical and Content team then began what we like to call a ‘ConTech Special’, just an inside joke. But technically speaking, the most important point in delivering a successful SEO campaign. It’s not that we follow any different set of rules than the rest of them; it’s just that we have some tricks up our sleeves. Let’s put it that way.

Over the course of next few days we:-

  1. Ensured that each page’s Title Tag was unique, that it included our well-researched Relevant Keyword, and that it was well-written and of appropriate length.
  2. Did the same thing with the Meta Descriptions wherever it was found they were not up to the standards.
  3. Found Header Tags (h1, h2, h3 and so on) were missing completely at a few places and were duly added.
  4. Improved the website content wherever we thought it needed improvement. Length was increased to the optimum length, ensuring it satisfies the searcher’s intent and was truly unique and original.
  5. Improved the Website Structure and made sure that the key SEO landing pages were well-integrated within the website’s linking structure.
  6. Found two different Sitemaps. A definite one was enhanced and submitted to Google Search Console for indexing.
  7. Came across a few dubious, low-quality pages that were removed or replaced.
  8. Performed a proper Canonicalization, making sure no each of the pages loads with only one type of URL.
  9. Improved the URL Structure wherever necessary with short and simple URLs and with primary keyword properly in place.
  10. Optimized each of the images on the website for best possible results with relevant captions and ALT Tags in place.
  11. Enhanced the Website’s Load Time to make sure it loads in under or close to 500 ms across all devices, thereby improving its ranking capacity manifold.
  12. Added Schema Mark-Ups to make website’s content more easily recognizable by the search engines.
  13. Removed each and every bad or broken link (quite a few were found still, surprisingly) thereby removing most of irrelevant traffic. A good, clean website always ranks better than the one with spammy –looking links.
  14. Ensured each of the pages had relevant link to both within other pages of the website and to other websites of repute and authority.

Again, a detailed report was sent to SketchBubble for review. The stage was set for action.

The Godfather of Content and Backlinks: Unique, Original, and Authoritative

We have established this before in quite a few of our case studies and we will reiterate it: It not so much about getting the traffic but getting targeted and relevant traffic. Sarkar’s The Godfather Premium Guest Post Service makes sure only original, high-quality, uniquely-written articles by experts gets through. People opt for Guest Posts Service thinking it will build them more links but it ends up doing more harm than good. And it takes a lot of time and money and effort to undo.

The only way get High-quality, High-authority websites to link back to yours is by giving something in return. The Godfather gives them that. The Guest Posts with premium content that adds value to their websites. These Guest Posts when stick; continue to bring in high-quality relevant traffic for years to come, organically and consistently. The Godfather is one of our oldest services that has been giving some great results and garnering positive reviews since it began.

Within a time span of just 50 days, web traffic to SketchBubble started to increase which laid te groundwork to now start building links to the inside pages.

The Gladiator Plays the Saviour Again with Niche Edit Links

We believe it when we say that high-quality relevant traffic beats low-quality more traffic any day. It does you a lot of good, to say the least. We have no predetermined lists. Just Pure Niche Edit Backlinks from Aged Real Posts or Pages that already score High on Authority, Ranks, and Traffic, and have already been indexed by Google. And being already indexed by Google is what makes them so strong and relevant. With The Gladiator’s carefully curated list of contextual anchor links, premium links, we were able to take SketchBubble’s SEO Campaign a few notches above.

By the time we were done with the first phase and initiating the second, the traffic had already taken a massive jump as compared to what it was before. As we said, high-quality backlinks signals Google and other search engines to take the website a little more seriously. They mean business, and so does Google. But it didn’t stop there. Over the period of time, we continued to add more backlinks to make sure the traffic continued to rise, and not just in spurts. No retreat. No surrender. That is The Gladiator Law!

The Results: 12x Increase in Traffic and 4x Increase in Site Revenue

It is well-known fact that SEO, like fine wine, ages with time. And time is most essential when trying and running a successful SEO Campaign. SketchBubble’s primary campaign with us ran from April 2018 to April 2020 and the results are evident: 12x Increase in Traffic and 4x Increase in Site Revenue. SketchBubble effectively increased its acquisitions for potential customers with Sarkar’s Monthly SEO Packages in combination with The Godfather and The Gladiator to expand its reach to a wider audience through organic search and exposure. While consistent content strategy ensures it reaches the right audience, not just big in numbers.

Its website is now regularly updated with top-quality content to hold and further improve the rankings. Occasionally, links from The Godfather and The Gladiator packages are added to the offering.

Mohit Parnami
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Mohit Parnami aka Sarkar is an entrepreneur, marketer and Co-Founder of SarkarSEO. He is passionate about SEO and lifelong learner to learn new things. He has been in the internet marketing industry for 10+ years.