SEO Case Study: 12X Traffic & 4X Revenue


Aiming to improve awareness and acquire more customers, the Indian developer and Powerpoints template provider used Sarkar’s SEO services to increase their monthly traffic from 1800 to 20,000+ visits


“12X increase in traffic & 4X increase in site revenue”


Largest Collection of Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote and Google Slides Templates.

SketchBubble offers the most extensive collection of result-driven, professionally built presentation templates with complete customization option. With over 150,000 easy to edit pre-designed slides, they have worked with some of the top names in the business industry like Adobe, General Electric, Toyota, Vodafone, Volvo, IBM & many others.


Taking acquisitions up a notch

Sketchbubble had been in business since 2015. They started experimenting with SEO from 2016. However, the results as per their founder weren’t giving them the revenue or the users that will allow him to sustain the company in the long term.


SarkarSEO’s Monthly SEO Packages

SketchBubble contacted SarkarSEO in the beginning of 2018. The process starting with performing keyword research followed by an exhaustive On-page audit report.

Once the report was submitted to SketchBubble, we got down to planning & creating content for their website. The next step was building links to the Home Page through our Monthly SEO Packages using the main keywords

After a span of 1.5 months, the search traffic started to increase to the website. This gave us the confidence to start building links to the inner pages.

The website is now regularly updated with top-quality content to maintain & increase the rankings. Occasionally, links from the Godfather and Gladiator packages are added to the offering.

Social shares is another feature we regularly added to the entire setup.


Maximising customer acquisition

Sketchbubble effectively increased its acquisitions for potential customers with Sarkar’s Monthly SEO Packages. The campaign, which ran from April 2018–April 2020, achieved:

  • 12X increase in traffic with organic traffic
  • 4X higher revenue & customers

Products used

  1. Keyword research
  2. On-page Audit
  3. Monthly SEO Package

“SarkarSEO & Mohit allowed us to acquire more potential customers. Furthermore, an increase in SERP rankings reduced our dependency on paid acquisition which helped increase our overall profits. After using Sarkar’s service for 2 years now, we are extremely happy and looking forward to an even longer collaboration in the future”



Mohit Parnami
[email protected]

Mohit Parnami aka Sarkar is an entrepreneur, marketer and Co-Founder of SarkarSEO. He is passionate about SEO and lifelong learner to learn new things. He has been in the internet marketing industry for 10+ years.