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Google Quietly Retires Covid-Era Rich Snippets

Google has phased out Covid-era Home Activity rich results, previously displaying information about online events and classes. The company removed the structured data associated with Home Activities rich results, which had enabled the surfacing of online events in search results since August 2020. Google acknowledged

Boost Your Clicks with Simple Headlines, Study Recommends

A recent study reveals that headlines featuring simpler, common words can boost reader clicks and engagement. Readers will mostly click on headlines that use straightforward, familiar language. Utilizing plain language makes content more accessible and appealing, demonstrating that minor adjustments to headlines can attract significantly

Google Alerts Webmasters to Hreflang Implementation Issues

Google has updated its Hreflang documentation to highlight a quirk in the way some websites are using it. This quirk could lead to unintended consequences in how Google processes these tags.   Hreflang Link Tag Attributes   The <link> tag is HTML element that conveys various types

Is Google Flawed, or Are Googlers Correct in Their Defense?

Understanding Googlers’ Statements on Algorithms and Updates: Navigating Search Rankings for Better Results Recent statements from Google employees suggest that the search algorithm functions as intended. They advise site owners to prioritize user experience over gaming the algorithm. However, simultaneously, these Googlers acknowledge ongoing efforts

Google’s Approach to AI in Language Translation and Content Creation

For SEO, Google’s John Mueller Recommends Assessing AI-Translation Quality and Seeking Third-Party Input for AI-Assisted Content. During Google’s SEO office hours, Mueller emphasized the importance of assessing the quality of AI-translated content before indexing. Mueller stressed that the focus should be on the overall quality