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Does HTTP3 Impact SEO. Google answers.

Does HTTP/3 Impact SEO? Google Answers.

In the recently concluded Google’s Office-hours Hangout for November 2022, one of the viewers asked if HTTP/3 could impact SEO in positive way since it improves a website’s performance. It’s a hypothesis that has been doing the rounds off late and Google’s Search Advocate was

Google Lists its Notable Ranking Systems

Google Lists its Notable Ranking Systems

Google recently published a new document on Google Search Central Developers Blog, listing all the notable ranking systems over the course of time, some of which are actively in use, and others that have either been done away with or have been incorporated into other

Policy Circumvention Google Adds New Spam Policy

Policy Circumvention: Google Adds New Spam Policy

Google recently amended its Spam Policy to include a new clause called Policy Circumvention, and shared it on its Developers Page. Policy Circumvention allows Google to take action against those websites that are persistent on finding escape routes around the spam policy and indulging in

9 Tips to Speed Up Your Website's Indexability

9 Tips to Get Your Website Indexed Faster

Spiders are quite sneaky creatures. But they work in an orderly fashion. Something comes in their web and they check it out. Getting your website indexed is quite similar, so to speak. You publish a website hoping Google’s spiders will come get you on a

Are Backlinks Dead. Google Answers.

Are Backlinks Going to be Dead? Google Answers.

In a live session of Search Off the Record Podcast at Brighton SEO concluded not too long ago, Google’s Search Advocate John Mueller, along with Lizzi Sassman and guest Myriam Jessier discusses about the future of backlinks. John made a prediction that the strength of

What Is Keyword Cannibalization and How Do You Fix It?

Google uses over 200 factors to rank websites on the first page of its search engine. While it’s nearly impossible to cater to every single one of those factors, it is important to understand what has the most impact on your search engine rankings. This