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Outbound Links Google Ranking Factor

Outbound Links is an Important Google Ranking Factor

As long as there have been search engines and search engine optimization, links have had an all-important role to play in optimizing SEO and thereby improving search engine rankings. These include links pointing to different pages of your website (internal links), links from other websites

site quality

One Section Can Negatively Affect the Whole Site

In Google’s Office-hours Hangout recorded on 31 December 2021, Google’s John Mueller discussed how one section’s site quality can affect the whole website and the subsequent rankings and went to shed some light on how exactly Google assesses a site’s quality. It was asked by

How to improve the usefulness of SEO audits?

How to improve the usefulness of SEO audits in 2022?

We all rush to doctors to get our monthly check-ups done. Similarly, it’s important to ensure that your website is not sick, has an overload of junk links, and is clogged with Error pages. Just like our body needs treatment to heal, our website needs

Does Google use language as a ranking factor?

Does Google use Language as a Ranking Factor?

When we talk about SEO ranking factors we keep highlighting good content, authority sites, and more other prominent tactics. But Language is also a factor to ponder upon. Websites in multiple languages allow you to target people based on their language preference and make them