13 Quick SEO tips for Online Casinos to help you win big in 2022

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Quick SEO tips for online casinos

SEO is a holy grail every website needs, no matter how much money you spend on paid ads, everything comes to an end if your site is not SEOfied. If you get SEO right, you’ll get a continuous stream of highly targeted traffic without spending a fortune; do it wrong and slip into search engine darkness. You can expect more people to enter through your casino’s doors if your online presence is bigger and better.

For obvious reasons, the SEO of a casino website differs from that of other niches.


There are a limited number of profitable keywords in this industry, and since everyone is aiming for them, you’ll need to diversify your SEO strategy.

SEO is a tool that can help you get relevant traffic and sales from places you never expect from. After covid people are more fond of an online casino than offline, hence this is your time to shine. In this article, we will talk about SEO for gambling sites – poker SEO or online casino  SEO and some strategies that will help you start your journey towards massive sales and success.  


Online casino and market insights in 2022

  • The global online gambling market size is expected to grow from $73.42 billion in 2021 to $81.08billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.4%.


  • In most countries, mobile users account for about 80% of all users in the online gambling industry.


  • The global online gambling market is segmented –

            1) By Game Type: Betting, Casino, Lottery, Poker, Online Bingo, Others

            2) By Device: Desktop, Mobile, Others

            3) By Component: Software, Services


Why ranking a Casino website is so hard?

Online casino businesses are blooming like anything, for every 1 online casino site there are 5 competitors, sitting to have a piece of your success. With the competition and controversies in this niche, it is hard to get ranked on google.


The casino and gambling categories have particularly specific traits when it comes to SEO. To begin with, it is an industry with various geographical limits, as many countries and U.S. states explicitly prohibit online betting games.


Also, SERPs are cautious of apparent attempts to mislead their algorithm in order to favor gambling and casino-related content.


This creates a highly competitive industry in which everyone is fighting against everyone else, which is made even more difficult by the fact that casino-related websites require incredibly robust and particular SEO.

All gambling content is depreciated by Google, making it more difficult to rank higher. This leads to a number of complications. On the one hand, no webmaster wants to link to content that will result in a decline in their ranks. Second, an SEO professional does not have a lot of options when it comes to guest posts and backlinks. They have to either pay a lot more for sponsored content or concentrate on lower-quality sites.


All these problems can be tackled with the help of an experienced SEO expert who knows how to turn shit into gold with Step by step SEO. In case you need an expert with 12+ years of experience in ranking sites(especially gambling and casino) on the top with full-proof SEO strategies, Sarkar SEO is just a click away.


Let’s dive into the details of each of the elements that lead to higher rankings on Google.


Tips and strategies for Online casino SEO


  • Keyword Research


As new sites are launched on the Internet and consumer preferences shift, keywords that succeeded last year may become irrelevant in a matter of months. Furthermore, there is fierce competition for high ranks, particularly in the casino industry. It’s critical to approach keywords as a work in progress if you want to ensure that the ones you’re using are still successful.


  •  Content Optimization


Because online casinos and gambling are continuously changing: betting odds vary, casino games are updated, and it’s vital to update your articles with new information, it’s important to revise your articles with additional info. SERPs will crawl your site and detect that it has been changed, resulting in a ranking boost.


  • Produce unique content.
  • Understand the industry you’re writing about and create content that people want to read. 
  • Understand the industry you’re writing about and create content that people want to read. 
  • Discuss recent studies that are relevant.
  • Maintain a healthy balance of evergreen and topical content.



  • Relevant and search intent-based content


When it comes to posting content, prior to that we should have a goal in mind to get noticed by the relevant audience. Your content needs to be keyword-driven (intent-based) without being keyword-stuffed, and it needs to be informative and engaging.



  • Guest posts from the industry leaders


Big names in the niche have a lot of loyal following that can be your target group. Suppose Joey educate people about casino and gambling and so many people follow his advice, If you hire joey for writing an in-depth guest post for you the chances are more for your brand to get noticed by joey’s audience.



  • Great understanding of industry trends


Just like every other market trend, casino trends keep on shifting every month, you should write and consume more about the industry to give the truest and trending updates to your customer.



  • Prepare a plan of content


Before posting plan your content in a way that your audience anticipates your upcoming piece and knows what’s brewing. To make a connection with your audience with your content is to give them everything they are looking for so that they don’t get to go anywhere else.



  • User reviews on their websites


Reviews are very powerful, Before choosing between two or more companies or businesses, the majority of customers browse reviews of the businesses. Having customer reviews available on your homepage attests to the quality of your service and allows you to see what suggestions and criticisms your audience encountered while exploring your content.



  • Customer engagement and problem solving


You might have lots of traffic coming to your site daily but do these people really engage with your content if they do not, you need to question yourself about the content and your process. Solving real-life problems will make you stand out of crowd, they know what you do but when you engage with them they trust you with their money. Online casino and gambling customers may have many questions in their minds. So, to get them to trust you start solving their problems


  • Website accessible to SERPs


Make your website easy and clean which is also crawlable by SERPs.If your website is brand new, it will take some time for it to get indexed by Google. However, there are a few recommendations we can make to help you get your website indexed quickly.


First and foremost, your ‘About Us’ and ‘Contacts’ pages should be updated. Search Engines recognize that you are not a robot and that your website is real if you include your contact and professional information on the website.


Second, try to provide a link to your website on an authoritative page that is already included in Google’s search results.



  • Make sure your website is mobile-friendly


Everyone owns a mobile, it’s a no hidden secret, Make your website for everyone. Be it an iOS user or an android, every time someone lands at your website the experience should be smooth and friendly.  Mobile devices account for the majority of the traffic. Mobile phones, tablets, and other mobile devices accounted for 51.53 percent of global traffic.

Apart from having a mobile-friendly website, it is critical for online casinos and gambling companies to have an app that allows customers to effortlessly browse through odds, live scores, casino games, and other content. Creating an accessible app that provides a positive betting experience for your customers can enhance your brand and website traffic.



  • Solid Link profile


Because the nature of the domain is unique and demanding, Online casino link building differs from traditional link building. However, the highly competitive nature of the casino industry mandates link-building efforts in order to maintain a competitive edge in terms of search engine rankings and trust. While ranking is still important, you need to go above and above in terms of developing trust for your website because Google has a hostile perception towards gambling sites.



  • Ensure Solid Internal Linking


Internal links are an important aspect of any SEO plan. Internal links can be found on practically every web page. Even if you don’t realize it, you’re probably already utilizing them.

By allowing search engine crawlers to index more content, having several web pages tied to a single domain boosts your chances of being ranked.

Internal linking is also a vital component of your user experience because it allows consumers to access related content or find what they’re looking for more quickly, reducing Loading time.



  • Regular Site Audit to Find SEO Issues


An SEO audit is a process of finding issues or faults that may be preventing your site from ranking well on Google and other search engines. An SEO audit is made up of several components, including:


Ensure that Google is crawling, indexing, and presenting your site appropriately.

Checking for on-page SEO issues on your website

Examining your off-page SEO for potential faults on other people’s websites that are related to or link to yours


It makes no difference how much money you spend on advertising if you don’t have effective SEO strategies in place. One that places a strong emphasis on research, competitor analysis, and providing high-quality content to a specific audience.

Ranking in the iGaming SEO area is difficult, and it will take persistence to succeed. But it’s not that hard when you have an expert with you. Yes, we have been established in this niche and helped 100+ websites in igaming, especially online casinos to get deserving rankings. Here are some results we generated for our clients globally.


Indonesia Ranking Stats

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