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Is Hierarchical Structure Useful to Google? Google Answers.

By Mohit Behl March 15, 2023
In a recent discussion that transpired over Twitter, Google’s Search Advocate reaffirmed what the SEO community always believed, somewhat. Yes, using a hierarchical structure with heading elements on a web page is useful to Google. But before we get into the why’s, let’s take a minute or two to understand…

Top 4 Tips to Optimising Core Web Vitals in 2023

By Mohit Behl March 13, 2023
Let’s cut the long story short: you cannot bypass your competition in terms of rankings by bypassing Google’s page experience requirements. You need to adhere to each one of them. This is exactly where Core Web Vitals (CWV) come into the picture. Even though CWV have been around for a…

Google Offers Important SEO Tips on News Articles

By Mohit Behl February 12, 2023
In the recently concluded Google’s January 2023 edition of the SEO Office-hours Hangout Q&A Session, Google Search Advocate John Mueller, and Analyst Gary Illyes took turns on answering queries related to websites publishing news articles. They also offered tips on the use of lastmod tags and using separate sitemaps and…

5 Reasons You Need an SEO Expert in 2023

By Mohit Behl February 11, 2023
Building a solid product or service is hard enough to begin with, and exhausting. Add to that the onus of creating a perfect website with all the SEO markers in place and it becomes even more tiresome. But what if you were to transfer that onus to the right person…

Top 9 Confirmed Google Ranking Signals

By Mohit Behl February 7, 2023
The more you explore the web for Google ranking signals, the more the chances of your brain turning into sludge. There are varied opinions and as many as 200 factors that can impact a site’s search performance. However, there is a huge difference between hearsay and speculations, and confirmation from…

Is WordPress Better for SEO? Google Answers.

By Mohit Behl January 10, 2023
Reddit is a platform many SEO professionals take to to ask questions and spark debates. Recently, one such thread took the platform by storm when Google Search Advocate John Mueller responded to one of the questions put in on a thread. The user wanted to know if WordPress is better…

Top 9 Formats for Highly Shareable Content

By Mohit Behl December 30, 2022
Not every well-written piece of content receives an enormous amount of traffic. Some die down well before they’re even published. The problem is not with the way it's written but in the way it is presented. Remember that saying, first impression is the last impression? Yeah, take it to your…

Google Debuts 5 New Search Technologies in India

By Mohit Behl December 29, 2022
In Google’s 8th Annual Google for India event that concluded last week, Google unveiled a plethora of new, innovative features that are set to transform the world of search. First in India, and eventually the world over. As India moves beyond the confines of traditional way of searching - typing…
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