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How do Popup Banners Affect Search Rankings? Google Answers.

By Mohit Behl April 27, 2022
In Google’s Office-hours Hangout recorded on 25 March 2022, Google’s John Mueller discussed whether using popup banners on your website had a role to play in affecting your search performance and overall rankings. Answering with a resounding confirmation, yes, popup banners do affect a website’s rankings and quite possibly other…

Top 10 SEO Tips for Beginners to Gain From

By Mohit Behl April 27, 2022
Size doesn’t matter when it comes to businesses. SEO impacts both large and small businesses in the same way, be it success or failure. When done right, the former, and when done wrong, the latter. Good news is it is not all that difficult to be on the good side.…

Top 5 Anchor Text Best Practices for SEO Boost

By Mohit Behl April 26, 2022
Anchor Text plays a huge role in how your visitors perceive your brand and content. It is also a defining factor when it comes to how search engines take to your content. So, naturally, if you want a stamp of approval and liking from both the parties, keep it all…

Proven Best methods to use ALT Text In SEO

By lotus April 26, 2022
You know we are an SEO agency and we talk a lot about SEO and how it can be a turning point for your business. Just like content, Image SEO also plays a vital role in your marketing strategy. Image search in itself is a big deal and can drive…

AI Generated Content is considered spam by google webmaster guidelines

By lotus April 25, 2022
According to Google's webmaster guidelines, content written automatically utilizing AI writing tools is considered spam, according to Search Advocate John Mueller. In answer to an inquiry concerning GPT-3 AI writing tools, this topic was discussed during a recent Google Search Central SEO office-hours hangout. He specifically mentioned that AI-generated content…

5 Step SEO Guide to Long-term Business Success

By Mohit Behl April 22, 2022
Before you reap in the benefits like increased rankings, traffic, conversions, and positive brand image, you have to go through a long, arduous process of SEO, and do it right. Chances are, you are no stranger to the game that is SEO and already know very well that it is…

4 Pillars of International SEO Success

By Mohit Behl April 21, 2022
Getting SEO right is not easy, let alone getting it right across borders. It takes a great deal of time and effort to find a line of attack and stick to it, and yet not be so rigid that you can’t adapt when you need to. Your website should be…

Why is Indexing Images too Slow? Google Answers.

By Mohit Behl April 19, 2022
In Google’s Office-hours Hangout recorded on 25 March 2022, Google’s John Mueller discussed why indexing images is often too slow and how it can negatively impact sites that rely too heavily on uploading new images and updating old ones. The debate came to the light when one of the viewers…
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