2021 latest Research Shows How to succeed in Local Search

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Today, every business is getting on the internet. Regardless of the size of business customers are expecting to find their local companies in the search results. If you are not online already, then you’re missing out on a lot of sales and exposure.

There are so many people already ahead of you.

Building a sound social presence for your business is the thing that will always help you defeat the competition.

Not just the presence but the marketing and consistency in content will make your business stand out.

Local and organic search attract more traffic, have greater engagement rates, and convert at higher revenue rates per transaction than other channels, according to new research from Silicon Valley agency Milestone Internet.


According to Milestone Internet:


“Milestone Research reviewed over 500 location-based websites, 63 million sessions, and 176 million page views over 18 months from Jan 2020 to June 2021 to generate these findings.”


Analyzing numerous traffic sources provides a benchmark and potential strategy for replicating success and increasing online traffic.

This is how the different channels ranked for traffic:

  • Organic: 46.5%
  • Local: 22.6%
  • Referral: 9.4%
  • Paid Search: 8% of website traffic.
  • Other: 13.6%

To come up with these statistics, Milestone Research looked at over 500 location-based websites, 63 million sessions, and 176 million page views over the course of 18 months, from January 2020 to June 2021. After that, we divided the results into two categories: location-based businesses and non-location-based enterprises.

Organic : Organic search refers to search results that are displayed by search engines without having to pay for advertising, and it is recorded separately from local search. The user’s search query and organic ranking parameters are used to determine organic search results.

Local :When compared to other top-performing channels, Local not only has the best performance, but it also has the highest pageview percent to session share rate. Local traffic generated 3.92 page views per session on average.


According to Milestone


Not only is Local the best performing channel, but it has the highest pageview % to session share % when compared to other top-performing channels. Traffic from Local on average had 3.92 page views per session. 


Referral : With 9.4 percent of total traffic, referral traffic is the third largest contributor to website traffic.

The visitors to your website that come from links on other websites are known as referral traffic. It’s a referral from one website to the next.

According to the research, building high-quality backlinks and external sources is a fantastic way to increase web traffic.


Paid Search : The research demonstrates the effectiveness of paid search in influencing purchasing decisions. Paid search is a good way to reach out to clients who are interested in your website’s categories, especially if you need to get results quickly or if you don’t rank organically for a popular topic.

As a SEO enthusiast, I was surprised at the data findings of Organic Search and Local search drives 69% of sessions and 73% of page views. Local alone had a session share of 22.6% and the research data was collected over 18 months. Local search was the most engaging channel among top performers with 3.92 page views per session.


They also stated the key takeaways :


  • Organic and Local Search together is the best combination for driving website traffic with 69% session share and 73% page view share.
  • Local Search is the 2nd largest channel with a 22% session share. Local gives the best ROI with the highest page views per session compared to other channels.
  • Local Search traffic is Highly Engaging with 3.92 page views per session.
  • Referral traffic and paid search are healthy channels with website traffic of 9.4% and 8% respectively.
  • The top 4 channels (Direct excluded) for generating more website traffic are Organic Search, Local Search, Referral, and Paid Search with 89.4% of pageview share.