2023 latest Research shows How to succeed in Local Search

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In the current landscape of 2023, the digital realm has become imperative for businesses across the spectrum. Irrespective of the company’s scale, customers now anticipate encountering their local enterprises within search results. If your presence still needs to be established online, you’re inadvertently relinquishing significant opportunities for sales and exposure.
The digital arena is already teeming with many contenders who have secured a head start.
Creating a strong digital footprint for your business isn’t just an option; the strategic maneuver can propel you to outperform your rivals. However, it’s not solely about mere existence; the fusion of strategic marketing and unwavering content consistency will truly set your business apart.
Current Silicon Valley agency Milestone Internet research underscores the prowess of local and organic search. These channels are proven to drive more traffic, facilitate heightened engagement rates, and yield greater revenue conversions per transaction, surpassing the outcomes of other marketing avenues. This insight further solidifies the necessity of adopting a robust online presence for businesses to thrive in the evolving digital landscape.


According to Milestone Internet:


“Milestone Research reviewed over 500 location-based websites, 63 million sessions, and 176 million page views over 18 months from Jan 2020 to June 2021 to generate these findings.”


A comprehensive analysis of diverse traffic sources establishes a benchmark and offers a strategic blueprint for reproducing triumph and augmenting online traffic.

Here’s a breakdown of how different channels contributed to traffic:

  • Organic: 46.5%
  • Local: 22.6%
  • Referral: 9.4%
  • Paid Search: 8% of website traffic
  • Other: 13.6%

To derive these insights, Milestone Research undertook a comprehensive study encompassing over 500 websites, 63 million sessions, and 176 million views over 18 months. Following this extensive examination, the results were categorized into two segments: location-based businesses and non-location-based enterprises.

Specifically, “Organic” refers to search outcomes presented by search engines devoid of payment for advertising, standing apart from local search. The development of organic search results is predicated on the user’s search query and the organic ranking parameters. This delineation illustrates the intricate interplay between traffic sources and their corresponding significance in driving online engagement and visibility.

Local: In the context of 2023, compared to other high-performing channels, Local boasts exceptional performance and holds the record for the more percentage of page views to sessions. On average, Local traffic generates an impressive 3.92 page views per session.
As per insights from Milestone’s research,
Local doesn’t merely excel in performance; it also exhibits the most robust ratio of pageview percentage to session share percentage compared to other leading channels. The average Local traffic records an impressive 3.92 page views per session.
Referral: Contributing 9.4% of the overall traffic, referral traffic is the third most substantial contributor to website visits.
Referral traffic encompasses the visitors arriving at your website via links embedded in other online platforms. It constitutes a referral from one website to another.
The research underscores the significance of cultivating high-quality backlinks and establishing a network of external sources, effectively enhancing web traffic.
Paid Search: The research emphatically illustrates the influence of paid Search in shaping purchase decisions. This avenue emerges as an effective means of connecting with potential customers who exhibit interest in the categories represented on your website. This is particularly pertinent when rapid results are imperative, or you must be organically ranked for a popular topic.
As an individual passionate about SEO, the research findings came as a revelation. The combined force of Organic Search and Local Search propels a staggering 69% of sessions and accounts for an impressive 73% of total page views. Local Search independently boasts a session share of 22.6%. These figures are gleaned from an exhaustive collection of research data spanning 18 months. Notably, Local Search is the most captivating channel among top performers, boasting an average of 3.92 page views per session.


They also highlighted the following key insights:

  1. The tandem of Organic and Local Search emerges as the powerhouse for steering website traffic, commanding an impressive 69% session share and capturing a substantial 73% share of total page views.
  2. Local Search attains a remarkable position as the second-largest channel, boasting a formidable 22% session share. Notably, Local Search is the epitome of return on investment (ROI), as it consistently yields the highest page views per session compared to its counterparts.
  3. The engagement factor of Local Search traffic is exceptional, with an average of 3.92 page views per session, signifying a high level of user interaction.
  4. Referral traffic and paid search exhibit robust health as channels, contributing to the website traffic pie with figures of 9.4% and 8%, respectively.
  5. The leading quartet of channels—Organic Search, Local Search, Referral, and Paid Search (excluding Direct traffic)—holds sway in generating substantial website traffic. Together, these channels command an impressive 89.4% share of page views.