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SEO is all about business reputation and backlinks are like a vote or endorsement of your business competence, quality, and persona.

For instance, if a respected industry publication links to your website, they are endorsing your business and putting their own at risk. It’s the same with peers, They validate you (links you) putting their own reputation at risk.

That’s how backlinks work. Links are not a commodity to be bought and sold. They have to be earned. We all need those executioner, badass, and valuable in-content backlinks to get a “ vote of confidence” from other sites. Give people a reason to link you. Let’s dive in to know all about backlinks and how it can help you rank on the 1st page of google.


Backlinks are recommendations from the other websites. Each recommendation specifies your website is informative, authoritative, and credible.

They are also termed as inbound or incoming links. They work like referrals from other websites to yours. These referrals if coming from an authentic and authoritative site help you get a high ranking in google and other search engines.

High ranking on google will enhance your visibility and credibility and you can drive more organic traffic. While creating links one should focus on quality over quantity.

A single quality backlink from an authoritative and credible site is much more impactful than hundreds of backlinks from not so trustworthy sites.


Quality backlinks are referrals from credible and trustworthy sites (according to google) to your website. They are one of the most important components of search engine optimization. To scale your website and to achieve high Google rankings creating high-quality backlinks is your go-to. It helps Google to discover your pages faster.

 Backlinks are highly dependent on two major factors

  • Identification of high-quality backlinks
  • Building high-quality backlinks

But now the question arises how can you identify high-quality backlinks?

High-quality links are connections from an exceptionally defined credible site that is very much trusted via search engines or web crawlers. The greater power a site has, the greater position it can give to your site (through a connection). This idea is known as space or domain authority. After the identification, the next step is building them in a scalable and profitable way.


Why relevancy is important?

Referrals from the same niche websites are more impactful and useful and help google in acknowledging your website. If your website is all about fitness, you should be focusing on building links with someone working in the same niche.


Ever wonder what makes the site more authoritative?. Why links from authoritative sites, harder to get?

A website ranking on google and gaining high organic traffic is likely to have authority. If an authoritative site links you that means your content is providing value and information and that also helps your site to gain huge traffic from that authoritative site and also enhance your google rankings. The links from these sites are more valuable.

What type of backlinks will drive more traffic to your website?

The Internet Is flooded with tons of content. The amount of data we process daily will blow your mind. On average, Google processes more than 40,000 searches every second which means 3.5 billion searches per day.

Maybe someone is searching for a piece of information you already have but sadly they couldn’t find you on the internet due to the ample amount of content already present here.

You may fail at ranking higher in the SERPS if you don’t focus on quality backlinks. Quality backlinks work as digital assets that can drive crazy traffic to your site. Not all backlinks on your site are equal. Some are of real high quality and some will take you nowhere. I.e. (low-quality backlinks). It can be a tedious task to determine if a link is valuable and it takes years of analyzing links to fabricate firm intuition. There are Numbers of different factors that should be considered while analyzing a link. But before reading any further. Remember,

Quality always wins over quantity.

Certain factors determine the quality and behavior of backlinks:-

 Effective topical relevance

  • Before adding or clicking on a link ask yourself ‘does the context of this link make sense?’

Ensure that the placement of the links is relevant for both users and search engines.

Locating a Backlink

  • A quality backlink always has an Organic and natural location Which will always make sense to the user.

The link should be from a reputable source.

  • The link you are using should be useful to the user and should be from a dependable source in your industry.

Link recipe

  • Don’t put all the spices in one recipe, it will definitely kill the taste. Be versatile, The search engine like when it sees a well-rounded mixture of different types of valuable backlinks.

Backlinks also depend on the quality of the content.

There is a way to build it.

Heard a lot about the ‘skyscraper technique’ and want to know how it will work for you?

Here’s the essence of it: –

  • Find the relevant content flooded with backlinks.
  • Create something 4 to 5 times better than that.
  • Ask those linking to the original piece to link to your content.

Basically, this technique Triggers the human tendency to get attracted to the best.

That’s how you can build the most Elite content in your niche.

Anchor Text Diversification

Anchor text is basically the clickable text that is favored by a hyperlink to another webpage.

It acts as an indicator of the relevance of the target.

The more the relevance the more likely search engines will view the anchor text.

The anchor should always be diverse with the perfect blend of brand pages, link brand names as anchor text, relevant SEO keywords, a proper call-to-action like “click here”, referring domains, and more.

Quality of sites where you submit backlinks

Just like mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, The site where you are submitting your links, is a power booster for your website.
You can submit your links to certain places to get a more interested audience on your page.

Blog aggregators

They compile the best blog content from the web.
They are even better than web directories as they also pull content from your RSS feed, Which eventually takes users back to your webpage.

Business listing sites

These sites have numerous PR going around their site, and encourage you to drop a Live link in your profile.

Which backlinks you should avoid?

Don’t use spam links just for the sake of adding backlinks to your website.
If you still wish to use such backlinks you will be faulty for penalties for using those link.

Your website will never rank and traffic will keep on decreasing.

Avoid these backlinks

 Irrelevant links

Remove all the irrelevant links that are not connected to the content.

Follow blog comments

A poisonous backlink bank is a mixture of a large number of outbound links + irrelevant and senseless links + outbound links referring to bad neighborhoods. (gambling, porn, spam etc)
Never ever use these backlinks until you want to pay High penalties.

Footer, Sidebar, backlinks

There are 40 to 60% chances of these links to work.
Sometimes it may result in providing fruitful results but they can wreck your anchor text profile.
So if you want to use them, be cautious and use branded anchor text.
Let’s wrap this up here.
The art of acquiring and analyzing backlinks is an in-depth topic and polishes more with time and experience, I hope this article gave you the right direction on creating awesome and working backlinks.

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