From boosting rankings to improved SEO: Things to be taken care of in 2023

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Where Is Your Website’s Traffic Originating From?
If relying on individuals discovering your website through Google searches is a core aspect of your digital strategy, prioritizing search engine optimization (SEO) becomes paramount.
The ability to generate leads for your business hinges on your discoverability.
Did you know 93% of online experiences commence with a search engine query? But what occurs post a search query?
The top-ranking result on Google boasts a 33% likelihood of receiving a click.
This signifies that if your site isn’t occupying the number one position, you’ve effectively missed out on 33% of potential traffic.
Even more noteworthy is that 75% of users will only venture up to the first page of search results.
The underlying reason other websites outshine yours in Google rankings often boils down to their concerted efforts towards enhancing their SEO strategies.
Fortunately, there is always time to initiate this endeavor.
You can take specific actions to heighten your prospects of achieving a higher standing in Google’s search results.
But how sluggish is deemed too slow?
Research has revealed that approximately 40% of visitors will only abandon websites if a page takes up to 3 seconds to load.
Even more astonishing is that 80% of these visitors will opt not to revisit the same site.
This scenario has dire implications for your SEO ranking as it effectively strangles traffic flow to your site.
Conversely, users are more likely to return when your page loads swiftly.
Google’s algorithm discerns your site’s popularity and tailors your search ranking accordingly.
Consequently, optimizing your page speed and server response time is imperative.
If you wish to gauge your website’s speed, several online services, such as Pingdom, offer free tools.
This allows you to assess your site’s performance from diverse global locations.
If you ascertain your site’s sluggish performance, it might be prudent to scrutinize your site’s theme and plugins.
And if a slow server is the culprit, consider exploring my compilation of the finest web hosting providers and migrating to a new host!

1. Improve your page stacking speed

In 2023, the loading speed of your webpage holds substantial significance for several vital reasons.
First and foremost, a sluggish loading speed can prompt Google to take notice, adversely impacting your search ranking.
However, beyond its influence on ranking, a slow-loading website also directly impacts user engagement and interaction with your pages.
Consequently, these unfavorable user experiences can further contribute to a decline in your ranking.
But what constitutes a loading speed that’s too slow?
The research underscores that approximately 40% of visitors will leave any website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.
More strikingly, 80% of these visitors will unlikely revisit the same site.
This dire situation adversely affects your SEO ranking as it effectively stifles the inflow of traffic to your website.
Conversely, a swift-loading page tends to encourage repeat visits.
Google’s algorithm recognizes your website’s popularity, adjusting your search ranking accordingly.
This underscores the critical necessity of optimizing your page speed and server response time.
A range of online services, such as Pingdom, is free to gauge your website’s loading speed.
These tools empower you to assess your site’s performance from multiple global locations.
Should your investigation reveal sluggish performance, it’s advisable to scrutinize your website’s theme and plugins.
If a tardy server is at fault, consider consulting my compilation of the finest web hosting providers and contemplate migrating to a more efficient host!


2. Produce high-quality content

How frequently do you undertake updates on your website?
If your engagement with it has remained stagnant since its inception, likely, your current SEO ranking could be more favorable.
To propel a surge in website traffic and elevate its prominence, it’s essential to furnish visitors with compelling reasons to revisit.
Central to this endeavor is the delivery of top-tier, current, and pertinent content.
An additional pivotal determinant influencing your SEO ranking is dwell time.
This metric concerns the duration visitors spend on your website during each session.
Should your website feature fresh, captivating, or timely information, it will inevitably prolong visitors’ stays, enhancing your dwell time.
Websites that serve up highly informative content typically exhibit extended dwell times.
It’s prudent to consolidate your content concepts within a unified repository across the array of document applications you employ.
Consider this further: Google Chrome commands a staggering 45% of the global internet browser market share, thus reigning as the most widely adopted browser worldwide.

3. Separate your substance with header labels

Headings serve as an additional strategy to enhance the user experience on your website.
They effectively segment content, rendering it more reader-friendly and conducive to quick scanning.
Moreover, headings enhance the overall visual appeal of your content, a factor that invariably proves advantageous.
Should your website consist solely of an unbroken expanse of text, it’s likely to discourage visitors from investing substantial time.
This, in turn, can detrimentally impact your SEO ranking.

4. Ensure your site is readable

Always keep your target audience in mind when crafting content for your website.
If you aim to attract visitors and encourage them to spend time on your site, communicate using language that resonates with them.
Avoid adopting a tone that mimics an expert or a lawyer, even if that’s your background.
Your content should be articulated to resonate with the broadest audience possible.
In case you need more clarification about the readability of your content, a range of online tools can assist.

5. Fix any wrecked connections

If you’re incorporating authoritative websites for hyperlinks, you may believe that link breakage is not a concern.
However, this possibility still exists.
Broken links have the potential to impact your SEO ranking significantly.
Moreover, directing visitors to non-functioning websites through links doesn’t create a favorable impression.

6. Give fitting contact data

Discussing the issue of appearing untrustworthy, have you ever encountered difficulty locating the contact information for a business on a website?
I can certainly attest to experiencing such frustrations.
However, this situation should never transpire.
Your contact information must be readily accessible and displayed for individuals to locate quickly.
The gravest repercussion that can arise is individuals initiating reports against your website due to your omission of essential details like phone numbers, email addresses, and physical location.
This oversight can significantly impede your SEO efforts.

7. Support sharing via online media

In the present digital landscape of 2023, it’s a fact that every business and website should maintain a presence on social media platforms.
However, the potential enhancement of your SEO ranking by sharing your website’s links on social media is less widely recognized.
Consider the transformative impact of encouraging social sharing as a consistent facet of your SEO endeavors.
One of the most effective strategies is incorporating social sharing icons across all your content.
Furthermore, it’s imperative to disseminate your website’s links across your social media pages.
Once this information appears on users’ timelines, a single click is all it takes for them to share the content, potentially leading to remarkable outcomes for your SEO efforts.

8. Make perfect, centered, and improved URLsIf

While your title label should be enthusiastic, your URL doesn’t. Allow me to show you what I mean.

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