Google began rolling out the page experience update

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Starting on June 15th, Google initiated the rollout of the page experience update, with the initial projection of completion set for the end of August. While the full implementation was concluded at the end of August, with about a week remaining, the update is now .
In an official announcement, Google confirmed the successful deployment of the page experience update, encompassing adjustments even to the Top Stories mobile carousel. Through a tweet, Google revealed that the enhancements to the Google News app have commenced their gradual release and are anticipated to finalize within approximately one week.
The page experience update, representing Google’s latest algorithmic revision, represents a significant evolution in technical SEO. As observed, it has posed challenges for nearly all parties engaged in the contemporary web environment.

As of 2023, Google’s Page Experience ranking factors are organized into four distinct categories:

    1. Core Web Vitals
    2. Mobile-Friendly
    3. HTTPS
    4. Non-Intrusive Interstitials


What Is The New Page Experience?


In 2023, Google’s updated algorithm incorporates a comprehensive approach, considering multiple metrics, including the Core Web Vitals metrics, to evaluate web pages. These signals have been designed to gauge a page’s informational value and assess its overall user experience. These metrics delve into real-world user engagement, page loading speed, and visual page stability. Websites must meet the minimum requirements set by these metrics to avoid challenges in achieving favorable search rankings moving forward.
In response to instances where websites fall short of meeting user expectations, Google’s newly introduced page experience signals now include the integration of Core Web Vitals alongside its existing metrics. This serves as a clear warning to all stakeholders to address technical shortcomings that might negatively impact user experience. Consequently, Google’s initiative has compelled the evolution of content management systems, SEO and web development practices, third-party plugins, and customer relationship management systems. This push for improvement aims to significantly enhance the performance of products and services across Google’s digital landscape.


More than a Wild Card: Core Web Vitals

At one point, the Core Web Vitals measure was widely thought to be small and insignificant. That conclusion may have been reached due to the absence of impact of earlier Page Experience variables such as HTTPS and mobile friendliness.

As of 2023, it’s important to note that this perspective doesn’t hold for the entirety of the Page Experience ranking factors, particularly in the case of the Core Web Vitals.
In a Reddit discussion where Core Web Vitals’ significance was downplayed, John Mueller emphasized its importance and relevance. He clarified that Core Web Vitals isn’t just a minor consideration but an impactful ranking factor, even though they don’t replace the significance of content relevance. The degree to which Core Web Vitals affect different websites can vary, and it’s part of an SEO’s role to discern which optimizations are worth dedicating time to.
Within the Search Console, a new addition called the Page Experience report has been made.
The Page Experience report has been introduced to provide actionable insights for website owners. This report integrates the pre-existing Core Web Vitals report with other indicators of page experience, such as HTTPS security, absence of intrusive interstitials, and mobile-friendliness.
This report offers valuable metrics, including the percentage of URLs exhibiting a positive page experience and the trend of search impressions over time. These insights allow for swift performance assessment. Moreover, the report breaks down the various components of the page experience signal, offering insights into areas for potential improvement.
Google’s overarching vision for page experience is to create a web ecosystem that resonates with users collaboratively. Extensive efforts have been dedicated to providing the right tools and resources, a preparation that was in place ahead of the ranking rollout that commenced in mid-June 2021.
The shared updates aim to facilitate the construction of exceptional websites and contribute to a web environment that users can genuinely appreciate.