Google Data Studio Update allows Users to import more Insights

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What is google data studio?

To quickly start let’s see What Is Google Data Studio and How Does It Work?


  • Google Data Studio is a free data visualization tool that was first released in beta in mid-2016.
  • Google Data Studio brings together all of your data sources into a single reporting environment.
  • Users may construct informative and visually appealing dashboards that are simple to understand, share, and edit.
  • Since 2018, Google Data Studio has been out of beta, allowing everyone to use its immersive features.


In his second post of a blog series on Data Studio & Search Console, Google Search Advocate Daniel Waisberg announces this update.


Waisberg announces the addition of more data:

“… we have some good news for Data Studio users: as of today, the Search Console connector includes data for Discover and Google News traffic, similar to the data recently added to the API.”


This means you may now import data from Google Data Studio other than Search results.


Waisberg is also offering a Data Studio dashboard template that you can use to flip between different Search Console properties, data types, devices, and more.


How and why you should use a dashboard

When you build a dashboard, you should always start by defining its purpose, and the majority of cases can be classified as one of three options:

  • Monitoring performance. Quickly discover a change in the data, for example monitoring URL clicks and click-through rate (CTR) for important pages on your site.
  • Data exploration. Uncover insights from data, for example analyzing search performance patterns across different countries, devices, or website sections.
  • Informing the world. Publishing interesting trends and patterns, for example sharing aggregate data segmented by industry.

For further details visit Google Search control