Google Explained – How to control title tags in Search Results

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Google on tittle tags

If you’re confused about how does google displays and changes title tags, here is the GOOD news for you!

Google clarified its guidelines for modifying title tags that appear in search results.

Recently Google made changes to the Search Central rules that govern how title tags are displayed in search results. The update clarified and eliminated numerous uncertainties in the terminology that made the guideline difficult to understand without altering the guidance itself.

There are particular factors that affect the likelihood of a title tag rewrite. Google wants to give searchers the finest title tags possible so they can contextualize the content of the web page. Google’s algorithm modifies the title tag if it is poor.

In the summer of 2021, the title tag rewrite feature in the search results increased significantly, upsetting the publisher and search marketing industry. Many people noted drops in search traffic, which they attributed to Google changing their title tags.

In order to quickly explain to users why a result is relevant to their query and what it contains, title links are essential. Use compelling title content on your web pages because it’s frequently the main factor visitors consider when deciding which result to click on.

According to google guidelines, How title links in Google Search are created?

Google’s generation of title links on the Google Search results page is completely automated and takes into account both the content of a page and references to it that appear on the web. The goal of the title link is to best represent and describe each result.

Google Search uses the following sources to automatically determine title links:

  • Content in <title> elements
  • Main visual title shown on the page
  • Heading elements, such as <h1> elements
  • Other content that’s large and prominent through the use of style treatments
  • Other text contained in the page
  • Anchor text on the page
  • Text within links that point to the page

Keep in mind that Google has to recrawl and reprocess the page to notice updates to these sources, which may take a few days to a few weeks. If you’ve made changes, you can request that Google recrawl your pages.

While we can’t manually change title links for individual sites, we’re always working to make them as relevant as possible. You can help improve the quality of the title link that’s displayed for your page by following the best practices.

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