Google is reportedly developing a new search feature called “Big Moments”

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Where would you most likely go, if you want to glance at trending unfolding news?


I think most of you would prefer Twitter and Facebook, but what if I say there is a surprise lined up for you by google for under covering all popular and latest news.


Let’s open this surprise,


According to reports, Google is working on a new “Big Moments” search tool that will display vital information about breaking news events in real-time.


According to The Information, Big Moments has been in development for over a year and tries to overcome Google’s news curating weaknesses.


Employees at Google voiced dissatisfaction with the absence of fast, meaningful information about breaking news, prompting the start of this initiative.


Google wants to be people’s one-stop news outlet, whether they need information about something that happened yesterday or the most up-to-date information on an event that is currently taking place.

When possible, Big Moments will provide historical context for events, going beyond what Google generally shows in news report search results.

If the article is about a protest taking place somewhere, such as BLM, Big Moments may include accurate statistics on the laws, the people, and a complete cover of the protest, as well as information about the future outcomes.


You don’t need to scroll the numbers of tweets and articles, all this will be curated at the same place.


Google may use open source data repositories like Data Commons, which collects data from US government organizations and is hosted by Google, to populate Big Moments.


Google is getting closer to making the kinds of editorial decisions that news organizations have to make on a daily basis with Big Moments.


The key differentiator is that these decisions will be made by algorithms, whereas editorial decisions for news publications will be handled by humans.


Is it possible to reproduce the level of critical thinking that occurs in a newsroom, even with breakthroughs in machine learning?


Maintaining an objective viewpoint while covering divisive events might be especially difficult.


A Google spokesperson says that Big Moments has been tested in live search results already.

It’s unclear when the feature will launch and in what form. Google plans to put it through more testing and evaluation before that time comes. – The Information

Our 2 cents-

This can be a really big thing by google if it will do what it claims. Although this is based on algorithm and machine learning, it can be a bit flawed – just saying. It is yet to launch and we are waiting desperately to know more about it and its capabilities.