How to Get New Pages Indexed by Google Super quick in 2022.

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Google indexing

There is a fight for Google’s ranking that everyone knows, but it all begins when Google indexes your webpage. if your page is not indexed it means, google won’t consider your content while showing search results.There can be several issues in your page that you need to fix to get noticed by google.There are numerous factors that could stop Google from indexing site pages and we will talk about some in this article.

So whenever a new webpage is added, it is awaited to get indexed. But how or when Google does, it’s entirely up to the popularity of the page.

It may take a few days or even a few months to get a webpage indexed by Google.

Basically, the more popular or traffic generating the page, the more quickly it gets indexed.

What is indexing?

To understand the importance of Google indexing you must first understand what indexing is and how it works.

When a new webpage is added or created, Google sends its crawler or indexer to find and understand the kind of information it contains. Afterward using its tools Google locates keywords and key phrases to mark that page and index it.

Indexing helps in optimizing search results, that means when a keyword is searched on Google, it finds and returns pages marked or indexed with keywords.

This process helps both Google and the webpage by improving search engine results and proving better visibility.

These are few terms you should be aware of –

Crawling: The process of searching the web for new content by following hyperlinks.
Indexing is the process of storing each web page in a large database.
A web spider is a piece of software designed to perform crawling on a large scale.
Googlebot is Google’s web crawler.

How to Get Indexing by Google Quickly?

Although there is no hard and fast rule or pre-defined path to achieve such a thing, certain things when done may improve your visibility and traffic on your webpage thereby allowing Google to quickly recognize and index the new page.

There haven’t been many changes since last year but still, the following indexing options in 2019 will help you get the webpage indexed in no time.

(a) Make use of Google’s Webmaster Tool. The webmaster tool provides complete information on all indexed WebPages, how many times a page was indexed, and all information relating to indexing, and keywords or key phrases associated with such indexing.

By using the Webmaster tool, you can know the particular keyword or keyphrase that is indeed the most and try to use it on your webpage.

(b) An XML sitemap is another step that you can take towards allowing Google to index your webpage.

Google does create sitemaps for every webpage but if you use tools available in the market to create an XML site map for your webpage and submit it to Google, it will make the process of indexing quick and easy.

(c)Undertake Link building for your webpage. The thing with inbound links is that when a webpage has more inbound links on it, the Google Bot will reach it quickly and easily.

By reading the links on a website, Google is able to find new WebPages. So if you wish your new webpage to get indexed quickly by Google, get more inbound links to it.

(d) Engaging in social media is another step that you can take to allow Google to index your webpage faster. By creating social media accounts on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram you can link your webpage directly.

Using some likes, comments, and re-tweets, potential traffic is diverted to your webpage, allowing Google to notice your webpage faster.

(e) Google pays a great deal of emphasis on its users and user experience is primary for Google. If your webpage load slowly, it will have an adverse effect on your indexing as Google’s crawler bot will recognize the load speed but may even choose not to index the page at all.

Therefore you must pay close attention to the loading speed of your new webpage if you want to get it indexed quickly.

(f) Update the content on your webpage and post fresh content on it regularly. You must look towards publishing fresh content at regular intervals. Make sure that you do so in a scheduled pattern, say if you posted one piece of content on Monday then make sure you keep posting new content on every Monday. The Crawler bot is programmed to sense updates made regularly. So, if you keep posting new content, chances are high that crawler bots may keep coming back to analyze it and index it.

(g)Publish posts or blogs on the bookmarking site. Websites that have a high ranking and are being bookmarked can become a great way to get your webpage indexed.

You can submit your blogs with content having an inbound link to your web page. By doing so, you allow crawler bots to discover you faster.

(h) Make sure that your new webpage is properly interlinked with all other existing WebPages. Interlinking is a great way of allowing Google to reach new WebPages easily and quickly. For example, if you added new service pages to your existing website make sure you interlink it to your home page and all other pages on the website as well.

(i) And of course, there is the “ping” option, where you can ping your new webpage to Google to get it noticed and indexed faster.

(j) You can also use Google’s indexing API if you have SEO tools for Excel and a Google account. You can enable indexing using the Google API console and get the new webpage indexed.


What if it Doesn’t Work?

So after you have applied all these methods and still you are not getting indexed, then there are a few other things you might want to give a try:

• Server response codes must be checked

• Check for index coverage status in the search console

• Make a temporary increase in the crawl rate of your search console

• Check the log file of the main crawler

• Robots.txt file must be carefully examined

• Undertake an on-page SEO audit.

Well, after taking all the necessary action and doing all the bit you can, it’s definite that your new webpage will be an index in no time.

The above-mentioned fast indexing options will get your job done and help your webpage get a better ranking as well.

Still, if you face any difficulties in getting your webpage indexed you can mention your query in the comment section below and we would look forward to helping you in every possible way.

Also, you can share your experience and tools or methods you deployed in getting your webpage indeed quickly.

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