How to Make the Most of Google My Business to Help Your Local SEO Campaign Grow?

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In 2023, Google continues to reign as the unrivaled titan of the internet, holding the coveted title of the world’s most popular website. Its universal appeal is so vast that we can hardly fathom any sentient beings, even extraterrestrial ones, unfamiliar with it. Currently, Google commands an astounding market share of over 92 percent in search engines, further solidifying its dominance.
Leveraging Google’s colossal influence through its search engine and Maps can be the rocket fuel for your business to skyrocket into success. The gateway to achieving this is by setting up a Google Business Profile. The possibilities are virtually limitless if your business is locally optimized for Google’s algorithmic preferences.
For those just embarking on their journey into local SEO, your Google My Business listing is the foundational cornerstone. It’s the digital equivalent of planting your flag in the vast online landscape. After all, when consumers embark on a quest for a product or service nearby, they are often teetering on the precipice of making a purchase. It’s an eye-opening statistic: one out of every two individuals conducting a local search (for instance, “watch repair near me”) makes a pilgrimage to a physical store on the same day.
Given these compelling statistics, it’s imperative that the information about your business, as it appears in Google search results, is meticulously accurate, comprehensive, and optimized to its fullest potential. This optimization ensures that you capture prospective customers’ attention and position your business as a top contender in the cosmic expanse of the digital marketplace. So, if you aspire to take your business to “Mars” – in other words, to soar above your local competition – ensuring your Google Business Profile is in stellar condition is the first giant leap.


What is a Google My Business profile?

A Google Business Profile, a complimentary offering from Google, is a platform for businesses to showcase vital details and visuals related to their operations. This includes particulars like your establishment’s address, the array of services you offer, and your products.
Creating a Google Business Profile constitutes a savvy strategy to enhance your online presence across Google’s services. Whether it’s Google Search, Google Maps, or Google Shopping, your profile can feature prominently, ensuring that potential customers easily access your information.
It’s worth noting that Google Business Profiles are tailored for enterprises with physical brick-and-mortar locations, excluding online-only ventures from eligibility.
Your Google My Business listing is pivotal in guiding prospective customers to your doorstep and providing navigation directions. Furthermore, it amplifies the impact of your local SEO efforts, bolstering your chances of appearing prominently when users employ Google Maps to locate nearby businesses.

Make the Most of Google My Business to Help Your Local SEO Campaign Grow

Let’s talk about a few steps and strategies that can help your business go big.


Reviews are an excellent storyteller

The trust your new customers place in your existing ones is often anchored in the reviews these loyal patrons leave. These reviews can influence prospective customers and drive them to take decisive actions. Positive and genuine reviews can catalyze expanding your customer base.
Reviews represent a pivotal element of social proof, wielding the potential to solidify your business’s reputation as a trusted and dependable choice.
Thanks to Google’s amalgamation of star ratings and ample space for detailed reviews, customers can share their experiences with your business to the extent they prefer. This wealth of information subsequently aids future clients in making informed decisions about which companies to engage with and which products to invest in.


Add real images and videos

Highlight your physical location, offer a glimpse into your vibrant work culture, and introduce your dedicated staff through the captivating medium of photos and videos.
For those in the restaurant industry, take advantage of the opportunity to display compelling images of your delectable cuisine, well-crafted menus, and the inviting ambiance of your dining area. Ensure that these visuals are visually appealing and maintain a professional quality with no compromise on resolution. It’s worth noting that businesses that incorporate compelling images, as attested by Google, tend to experience an uptick in requests for directions and an increase in clicks leading to their websites.


Keywords are the Key

When the intent behind a search aligns seamlessly with the relevance of your content, it creates a powerful synergy.
Boosting that relevance can be achieved by incorporating related keywords strategically. To discover these keywords tailored to your business, valuable tools like Google Trends and Keyword Planner can provide invaluable insights and ideas.
Furthermore, leveraging tools such as Google Analytics and social monitoring platforms can help you discern people’s precise queries while seeking your business. However, it’s essential to tread carefully and avoid keyword stuffing, as this can harm your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings. Instead, organically integrate these keywords into your business description, ensuring a natural flow that resonates with your audience.


Keep your business profile updated

Keeping your clients informed and satisfied in the dynamic business world is imperative. Whenever there are alterations to your operating hours, contact details, or any other essential information, promptly update your business profile. Few things frustrate clients more than arriving during your stated business hours only to find the doors closed. Additionally, ensure that your Google Business Profile accurately reflects any unique hours set for holidays or one-time events.
Leverage the power of Google My Business postings to disseminate crucial information such as updates, product launches, exclusive promotions, and upcoming events.
By diligently following these straightforward and proactive measures, you can significantly enhance local sales performance and keep your customers content.