How to Make the Most of Google My Business to Help Your Local SEO Campaign Grow?

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How to Make the Most of Google My Business to Help Your Local SEO Campaign Grow?

Google is the most popular website on the planet. We doubt even aliens use it. The site currently has a market share of more than 92 percent in search engines. Using Google search and Maps to attract new consumers is as simple as creating a Google Business Profile and can help you take your business to mars if you are locally optimized for it.


 If you’re just starting out with local SEO, your Google My Business listing is an ideal base. After all, when consumers look for a product or service near them, they’re frequently on the verge of making a purchase — one out of every two people who perform a local search (for example, “watch repair near me”) visits a store the same day. As a result, it’s critical that the information about your business that appears in Google searches is as precise, full, and optimized as possible.


What is a Google My Business profile?

Google Business Profile is a free Google business listing. It enables you to provide information and images about your company, such as its location, services, and products.


Creating a free Google profile is a smart method to boost your visibility across all of Google’s services. Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Shopping may display information from your Google Business Profile.


It only includes businesses with physical locations and not online-only businesses.


Your Google My Business listing tells people where to find you and how to get there to your business. Your local SEO will also benefit from a Google Business Profile. When users use Google Maps to search for a nearby business, a listing for a local business is more likely to appear.

Make the Most of Google My Business to Help Your Local SEO Campaign Grow

Let’s talk about a few steps and strategies that can help your business go big.


Reviews are an excellent storyteller

Your new customers trust your old customers and depend on their reviews to take an action. Having good and authentic reviews can actually help you get more traction and customers. 

Reviews are an important part of social proof and a valuable method to establish a reputation.


Customers can contribute as much or as little information about their experience with your business as they wish thanks to Google’s combined star rating and space for lengthy reviews. All of this information aids future clients in deciding which businesses to visit and which products to purchase.


Add real images and videos

Showcase your location, work culture, and staff through photos and videos.


Post images of your food, menus, and dining room if you own a restaurant. Make sure they’re appealing, professional, and not low-resolution. Businesses featuring images, according to Google, receive more inquiries for directions and more clicks through to their websites.


Keywords are the Key

When search intent meets relevance magic happens.

Relevance can be enhanced by using the related keywords. You can use Google Trends or Keyword Planner to find ideas and keywords for your business.


Google Analytics and social monitoring tools can also assist you to figure out what people are searching for while they’re looking for your business. Try not to stuff keywords to avoid losing on your SERP rankings, Incorporate them into your business description in a natural way. 


Keep your business profile updated

if your hours of operation, contact information, or other details change, be sure to update your business profile. Nothing irritates clients more than arriving during business hours to discover you closed. Make sure that any unique hours you have for holidays or one-time events are reflected in your Google Business Profile.


You can also use Google My Business postings to publish information such as updates, product announcements, special deals, and events.


These are some easy and action-oriented ways that can help you get better sales from the local area.