How to use the Best Keyword Tracker in 2022? – Zutrix Google rank tracker

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How to track google rankings more effectively with the Zutrix google rank tracker?

SEO is competition, it’s a battlefield where businesses win or lose in google rankings. But, honestly, it’s not always about the temporary wins but having a stable or winning position in the game for a longer run. Just like the strategies you put in to get results, it’s important to track your results and success and see how your strategies or keywords are working. 


SEO is vital for your site but what’s more important is tracking your growth. Tracking your keyword ranks is significant while trying to improve your website for organic search.


Beyond allowing you to monitor your site’s performance in search engines, keyword tracking offers several other advantages. It assists you in determining which SEO approaches work (and which don’t), provides more context for troubleshooting ranking decreases, provides you with a competitive advantage, and more.

Tracking how your keywords rank gives you an idea of how Google feels your content stacks up against the competition. And that’s extremely useful stuff! It can assist you in determining whether or not your optimization efforts are effective. 


Why is keyword tracking an important part of SEO

You might be wondering why you should care about rankings in the first place. There are a few different correct answers, so keep reading to learn more.


Here are three reasons to check your website’s Google rankings!


What is working for your brand?

You can monitor the impact of your SEO efforts by analyzing rankings and traffic, as well as discover strengths, shortcomings, and effective SEO fixes to know what exactly is working for your site. A gain in your ranking could be due to a technical update or new content on your website, new links (backlinks), or the Google algorithm. To be able to analyze and understand it, it must first be quantified.

Keyword rank trackers are helpful in this regard. Tools like Zutrix are meant to make the process easier. Simply enter the keyword for which you want your page to rank, and they’ll compile all of the data and present it to you efficiently and reliably. It’s a lot easier to watch keywords over time with a keyword rank tracker, and it’s much easier to detect when things change. As a result, you’ll be able to make quick strategic decisions and act on them.


See how your competitors perform

Comparing your ranking to that of your competitors will show you where you need to improve. You don’t want to be outranked by your competition, so you’ll need to know what searches to optimize for and which keywords to target.


By keeping track of your competitors’ ranks, you can figure out how to leverage their shortcomings and outperform them.


Troubleshoot errors in your strategy

When you’re trying to figure out why your ranks have dropped, you should know about the ongoing pitfalls your site is experiencing. The easiest place to start is by looking at your keyword rankings. 

However, to verify keyword rankings, you’ll need to have been watching them for a while to obtain a clear picture of the trend and your ranking position.


When your rankings are stored in an integrated SEO platform, such as Zutrix you can monitor how rankings affect your other KPIs more immediately. 


Rankings allow you to see which sites (or keywords) have dropped and when, as well as generate ideas about why the drop occurred in the first place.


Why choose Zutrix?

It’s not easy to keep track of keywords and monitor your pages’ search rankings. Google Analytics and Search Console provide some details concerning search positions and the queries for which your sites are being found, but it isn’t presented in an easy-to-use format.

That’s where Zutrix comes into action. Zutrix is a rank tracking tool that can be used to track all of your keyword and SEO effectiveness.

This is the only tool you’ll ever need to keep track of your keyword rankings and SEO campaign performance.

To give the most accurate statistics, Zutrix employs artificial intelligence and a robust set of algorithms.

The greatest part about this tool is that you can use it to track your competitors’ rankings and see how they are performing.


Features and advancements

Zutrix is a remarkable tool for keeping track of the position of your targeted search keywords in search engine results. It’s a digital marketer’s smart assistant that boasts AI-powered precision. Some outstanding companies have trusted and used Zutrix every day since it has made rank tracking easy. It’s an advanced keyword rank tracker that lets consumers see where their keywords rank on Google. Individual users can access the platform’s search results, which are based on a complex set of algorithms, technologies, and approaches. It sends timely notifications via Slack, Telegram, and email, ensuring that users are never uninformed of any updates. With its unique reporting structure, the tool includes several useful modules and utilities, such as White-label integrations, scheduled reporting, and more.



  • Highest SERP accuracy

Zutrix has the most accurate SERP accuracy on the field. The rankings of your website are retrieved using cutting-edge methodologies and techniques. It gives the most accurate data among other keyword trackers.

  • GEO-Targeted Results

You can easily track your rankings in any country, city, or language. Track the same keyword in both America and London. Regardless of where you are, Zutrix is an open platform for everyone.

  • AI-Powered Accuracy

It uses Google as if it were a normal human, not a robot. You always obtain precise and organic results.

  • Sharable Reports

The reports are easy to share and understand, you can give each member of your team or customer a unique link to share your analysis.

  • Keyword Detail

For a keyword of your choice, you can retrieve every relevant detail. Progress graphs, SERP Features, and neighbor data.

  • Suggestions from Zutrix

It gives free and relevant suggestions which can help you target other keywords, while you add your keywords. You will be able to understand how people are searching for your brand name using this Google Autocomplete tool, and so identify your audience’s intent and act to satisfy the needs.

  • Expert Mode

You can also switch to expert Mode to see the performance of whole projects one by one.


How to use Zutrix Keyword Rank Tracker to Monitor Your Keyword rankings? – Step by step guide

Zutrix is a leading player in the field of rank tracking software.


It uses AI (artificial intelligence) and a complex array of algorithms to produce laser-like accurate keyword ranking data.


Let’s see how you can use it.

Head over to Zutrix and click on “Add domain.”

Then enter your domain name, select the country, search for any specific location (for local keywords), and click on “Domain + keywords”.

Next, enter the keywords you want to track (you can even take them straight from your Google search panel), choose the device for which you want to track the keywords, and then click “Add keywords.”

That all! Very easy right!


From the dashboard, you can now see all of your keyword movement data and track your keyword ranks.

Aside from that, you can set up a notice on this tool, and any big ranking changes will be sent immediately to your slack, email, or telegram account.

For more details visit here.


Zutrix pricing


Tracking your search results ranking will show you the evolution of your online visibility and daily changes to it, allowing you to make smarter decisions.


The best feature about zutrix is that you can automate your keyword ranking reports, with Zutrix delivering them directly to your email inbox.

While Google Search Console is a fairly simple tool with few features, Zutrix, on the other hand, comes with a slew of advanced features such as automated rank tracking, past data graphs, notification, alerts, and even scheduled reports.


Overall, it’s a fantastic, simple-to-use, and effective tool that will help you track down your keywords like a pro without wasting a lot of time.