Link Building for online casino – Winning SEO Case Study

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SEO Case study for casino

YES! We did it again! Another day, another great client, and another great WIN! We managed to score top positions for our client’s keywords in Korea in the online casino and gambling industry.

When it comes to SEO for the online casinos and the Gambling industry, For both paid and relevant organic traffic, there is intense competition. There are several well-known giants in the casino sector (both offline and online), and they are spending a lot of money to draw customers online.

Due to the intense competition, it is extremely difficult for emerging brands to compete in the crowded and lucrative online casino sector.

To identify opportunities, measure the scope of required efforts and strategies, and understand the degree of competition, we first conducted thorough keyword research and competitor analysis, which resulted in the current knowledge of the online casino market and the gaps in which we can work on.

We were aware that with a site like this, which lacked the necessary onsite support and recognition from Google, we would need to redesign the site, optimize its content, increase the site’s authority, target long-tail keywords and search queries, and wait to target high-traffic keywords and search terms until after these milestones had been reached.


Our approach

Website and content Optimization

We optimized the site to make it competitive in the online casino gambling industry through an aggressive on-site and off-site SEO effort. We carried out extensive keyword research and analysis with a focus on both primary and secondary keywords. To mention a few, our on-page optimization strategies included title, meta tag, and crucial HTML tag optimization as well as keyword, link, and image optimization. Additionally, in order to help our clients with high visitor numbers increase their link popularity, and gained links from reputed websites, we posted in -dept and relevant articles, left blog comments and submitted them to directories.


Linking Method

We concluded we would need to create our own news because the casino industry produces so little newsworthy stuff. By examining the client’s customer emails in Facebook Audience Insights, we initially set out to establish the client’s target audience.

This helped us learn more about their consumers’ behavior and what they could expect from us in the future. We started curating significant news and content and posting frequently. After that, major websites began linking to the content we were producing, which helped us get quality search traffic and links.


Keywords are the key

Knowing the search terms that will drive more traffic to your casino’s website is essential. We used Google Analytics and other reliable resources to conduct keyword research for this. We also kept in mind, that we were periodically checking the right search keywords, even if we are aware of them.

Additionally, there is fierce competition for top rankings, particularly for casinos. To ensure that the keywords you employ for your business continue to be effective, it’s critical to view them as a work in progress. 



The client’s website information After 1 month of SEO- Elite Monthly Package After 3 months of SEO
Organic Search % 27.89 43.80
Revenue +20% +125%


Are you ready to work with an agency that can help you regain what you’ve always thought about your online presence as well as expand much further? As you can see from our case studies and results, we’ve got the know-how to get you stellar results.

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