Say No to unnatural links – December 2022 link spam update is out now!

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Google will begin deploying the December 2022 link spam update. It may take up to two weeks to finish. Basically, it will focus on the implications of unnatural links on search results.

It is vital to note that once spammy links are neutralized, any credit passed by these unnatural links will be lost. This rollout will have an impact on all languages.

Google is strengthening its spam detection algorithm to detect paid links and domains used exclusively to distribute links to other sites.

SpamBrain is an artificial intelligence-powered spam-prevention technology. It can now recognize both sites buying links and sites used to pass outbound links, in addition, to directly detecting spam.

What is spambrain?

SpamBrain was introduced in 2018, and Google has been consistently enhancing its performance since then. In 2021, SpamBrain found roughly six times more spam sites than in 2020. This resulted in a significant drop in pirated spam (70%), a sort of spam that was popular in 2020, and senseless spam on hosting platforms (75%). Another distinguishing aspect of SpamBrain is that it was designed to be a solid and developing platform for dealing with all sorts of abuse.

SpamBrain’s capacity to recognize disruptive and harmful activities among billions of online pages has helped to keep more than 99% of searches spam-free, despite the fact that sophisticated spam is being developed on a daily basis.

Will the Link Spam Update in December 2022 Affect your Site?

Google warns that results may change as the link spam update in December 2022 neutralizes misleading links, eliminating any signals transmitted to the connecting domain.

This modification affects search results in all languages, which could have a wide-ranging impact.

The way you earn links and connect to other pages determines whether your site is affected by this update.


Google Stated, 

“As we have always emphasized, links obtained primarily for artificial manipulation of Search rankings are link spam. Our algorithms and manual actions aim to nullify these unnatural links at scale, and we will continue to improve our coverage.”.

Google has severe restrictions against collecting links purely for the purpose of improving search rankings. Furthermore, Google has criteria for passing qualifying links to other websites.

Failure to properly tag affiliate links may result in your site being affected by the link spam update.

If you follow Google’s recommended practices for incoming and outgoing links, the December 2022 link spam upgrade is unlikely to have a negative impact on you.