SEO Case Study: 18X Traffic & 6X Revenue

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SketchBubble is one of the world’s leading presentation design firms that specializes in pre-prepared, professionally designed and completely editable PowerPoint, Google Slides and Apple Keynote templates. Nurturing creativity and innovation while maintaining high-standards and uniqueness, has long been their forte and commitment. And combining technology, knowledge, and a keen eye for detail, SketchBubble is able to deliver products that are visually superior yet impactful and highly result-driven.

The Problem

Inconsistent traffic, low online visibility and brand awareness resulting in low conversions.

The Online PowerPoint Templates market is fairly competitive and saturated, given the number of players in it and almost all of them utilizing ‘Online PPT Templates’ as the primary keyword. Because of which, new players rarely make it to the top of the SERP results. Naturally, they understood it would be quite difficult for them expand its business and flourish in the long run. There just wasn’t enough revenue being generated to sustain it all for years to come.

It was in early 2018, almost two years ago, that SketchBubble got in touch with SarkarSEO and addressed the challenge.


Increase traffic, improve Search Engine Rankings, increase the number of new leads and try to ensure a steady rise in conversions.

Brief and simple, loud and clear.

The Results

  • 0-30000 Web Traffic (12x increase)
  • 9717 Kws listed on Page 1 of google
  • 6256 Kws listed on #1 position in Google
  • Sketchbubble has become market leader in this industry in 18 months time.


After a thorough discussion it was decided that writing quality content and superior link-building was the way forward, along with business as usual – keyword research and analysis and on-page audit and future strategy. A team each was assigned to tackle both in the best way possible. Another team was given the task of building a diverse network of links to take the SEO campaign to the next level.

A Meticulous Keyword Research and Analysis

We began our SEO campaign for SketchBubble with an extensive keyword research and analysis to maximise website visitors through both organic and paid traffic. Using popular tools such as and, one of Sarkar’s team compiled a list of relevant keywords that had the potential to rank well, while another team did the competitors’ keyword analysis. The two teams then joined forces and analysed every keyword with respect to three main scales: optimizing spend, increasing conversions, and finding new markets.

An Exhaustive On-page Website Audit

It’s not that we follow any different set of rules than the rest of them; it’s just that we have some tricks up our sleeves. Let’s put it that way. Our Website Audit team is well-versed with the techniques and modern methodologies to catch the problem at its nerve. Following an extensive site audit, several divergences were found and duly noted. An audit report was then sent to SketchBubble for review and approval. Over the course of next few days, our team took on each aspect that makes for a quality website audit.

The On-page SEO elements that were enhanced and improved were

  • Title Tags
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Header Tags
  • Website Content
  • Site Structure
  • Sitemaps
  • Pages
  • Canonicalization
  • URL Structure
  • ALT Tags
  • Title Attributes
  • Site’s Load-time
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Schema Mark-Ups
  • Bad Links Removal
  • Internal and External Linking
  • HTTP Checks
  • And more

Just FYI, all this is a part of each of Sarkar’s Monthly SEO Packages.

Sarkar Special: High-quality Original Content and Authoritative Backlinks

The only way to get High-quality, High-authority websites to link back to yours is by giving something in return.  Using a combination of several of Sarkar’s Services, original, high-quality, uniquely-written articles by experts, added value to the websites they were published at. And continued to bring in high-quality relevant traffic for years to come, organically and consistently, improving not only SketchBubble’s Google rankings but also authority. We also used a carefully curated list of contextual anchor links, premium links, and were able to take SketchBubble’s SEO Campaign a few notches above.

Duration Service Used
1-6 Months Monthly Package Blast + Updated Content on Blog Posts
7-12 Months The Godfather + The Gladiator + Monthly Package Blast
13-15 Months Big Boys EDU Links
16-24 Months Troy Iconic Links

Over the course of one and a half years, web traffic for SketchBubble clocked 0-20000 web visitors, a 12x increase, along with a 4x increase in site revenue. It also effectively increased its acquisitions for potential customers expanded its reach to a wider audience through organic search and exposure. Its website is now regularly updated with top-quality content to hold and further improve the rankings using one or more of our services from SarkarSEO’s One-stop Solutions, as per need.

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Mohit Parnami aka Sarkar is an entrepreneur, marketer and Co-Founder of SarkarSEO. He is passionate about SEO and lifelong learner to learn new things. He has been in the internet marketing industry for 10+ years.