SEO MYTHBUSTER – Expectations vs Reality for 2021

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Search engine optimization is like an unsolved mystery in the start, it takes a lot of your effort, diligence, and intellect to solve it for different businesses of different Niches.
It’s not a cakewalk, but it includes jumping through hoops over and over to get closer to the google search box i.e Page #1 of google.

Your blood turns blue when you are out of oxygen, Eating a lot of carrots can give you night vision, Hair and nails keep growing after death, and the more keyword you use in the page the high it will rank.

Wondering what am I talking about? They all are simply MYTHS.

In this article, you will know about the most common SEO myths and misconceptions and I will debunk them for you.

MYTH 1: SEO is an overnight game.

Expectation: Once my site will be optimized it will always rank on top of SERP.
Even though it’s difficult but you may be on top after optimizing your website for once.

BUT then what?

If you don’t put consistent efforts your site will come down and lose all its traffic gradually. It is not an overnight game, you cannot rank on top overnight. Just like your business takes time to be a market fit, it is important for your business to reach the right kind of audience, and that requires a significant amount of time.

Reality: SEO is more like a “Can full of worms” and requires consistent efforts.

It requires significant investment. Regardless of whether you follow all the website rules strictly and produce top-notch articles, it will take some time, to assemble authority and trust. It can take 3 to 6 months to make it work for your business. Try not to anticipate that your website will flourish in a week or two.


MYTH 2 ON- site SEO is more than enough to rank.

Expectation:- On-site SEO is enough to generate traffic.
A firm online presence may help you create a brand and story yet you can’t depend entirely on your site pages to get web engines to notice you and your content. You need your substance to be significant enough to be seen and remembered for different trustworthy sites and customers.

Reality:- Backlinks, blogs, and citations prove your website is credible and more trustworthy.

Your Marketing tactics incorporate a substance that enhances your perusers and web crawlers. Guest posting or composing an article or post about somebody’s site is an extraordinary method to build your search engine optimization on the grounds that it spreads your substance across new stages and crowds. This likewise sets up your name as a reliable site.

MYTH 3:- More Traffic, More Sales

Expectation: High traffic means more sales.
It’s true that if more traffic will come to your site it will help in escalating brand awareness and online visibility. High-quality traffic, however, can mean a higher ratio of conversions but not always, It takes a lot more to convert your audience into customers.

Reality: Increase in web traffic doesn’t always guarantee great conversions or more sales.

High traffic doesn’t necessarily mean more conversions. Your Content is the only resort that can make your audience convert into clients. You will probably grab the peruser’s eye and tempt them to stay to discover more about your brand with your content. A decent spot to begin with this is by making the user experience a priority and setting your pages with good navigation and clean elements. This will make it simpler for your audiences to explore your site and get familiar with your brand.

MYTH 4 :- SEO is a one day show.

Expectation: Once SEO efforts are completed, Google will take care of my website for a long.

Do you think google cares about you?

It is not a one-time effort, it takes undeviating smart- work.

It will only care about you until you are attracting more audience and helping them solve a certain issue.

Reality: SEO is ever-changing.

The only truth is that SEO is steadily changing and it will consistently be. In order to be in the run, we need to gear up according to the changing algorithm.

Regardless of the difficulties achieved by the dynamic idea of optimization, there are still a lot of chances accessible for individuals who need to make progress in the field.

MYTH 5 : You can do SEO alone.

Expectation: I know my business better so I can do SEO on my own.
With all sources, information, and free tools that are out there on the web, you might be thinking that you don’t need an expert for your business. After all, hiring an expert appears to be an expensive line to add to your existing business plan in the event that it is something that you have never done.

Reality: You will need an SEO Expert if you really want to be in this game.

An expert knows how SERP’s work and what changes and challenges come with an algorithm update. You will have to be future-ready because at any point in your marketing plan new challenges may come and an expert knows how to tackle them and overshine on SERPs.


If you really want to be in long run, it is very important that you set the right expectations for your business.

  • Every goal can be achieved but it requires time and patience.
  • Good SEO Takes Time and Best takes a little longer.
  • SEO is not a one-time thing it requires continuous efforts.
  • The marketing strategy should be tweaked from time to time in order to match the ever-changing algorithm.
  • A credible expert can show you the right direction which can tale your business from “ Yes, we have a business” to “ Yes, our business is followed by millions of people online.”


Want to know what plan can work best for your business growth or have any queries?

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