Case Study: SEO Services to get #1 Ranking in Google with Huge Targeted Traffic for Indonesian Casino Websites

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The Background: About Sbobet Login

Sbobet Login is an Online Gambling Agent licensed by the First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation, Manila-Philippines, and licensed by the Isle of Man Government in Europe. It enables players from around the world to bet big or small, and to compete in games in the Indonesian market. And there is a wide number to choose from. From the traditional games likes Roulette, Baccarat, Lottery to the very popular Dice Bets of Indonesia. Its Online Gambling Center is in the Philippines, where the workers and customer service operators work round the clock to serve and help players. Sbobet Login carries a good reputation within the community for its ethics and fair practices; primarily, clearing the payments of the winners in a hassle-free manner. And yet, as far as Indonesian Casino SEO is concerned, gambling sites like Sbobet are still struggling to get more online traffic and waiting to be ranked at the top.

The Case: Dwindling Web Traffic and Ranks and Low-quality Backlinks

Let’s make something very clear – SEO is hard. But SEO for Casino and Gambling websites is even harder. Harder, we say, not impossible. But what is it that makes it so. Well, for one, Online Casino and Gambling is a niche, and niches are harder to get traffic to and rank. Two, it is one the most incredibly competitive markets in the world, online and otherwise. And then there’s a whole different issue that needs dealt with. The social stigma that comes attached with the industry. We’ll tell you how it plays against the conventional SEO practices later.

Sbobet Login had all this going against it and more. Given that all sorts of casinos, gambling, and betting in Indonesia, is not exactly legal, made it really difficult for Sbobet to increase virtual footfalls on its website. Not to mention the ranks suffered. In its quest t lead the Indonesian market, and become No. 1 on Google, Sbobet worked with many Casino SEO agencies, one after the other. But as we said, ranking a Casino and Gambling is not everybody’s cup of tea. Even though they were able to get a decent number of backlinks, premium links still eluded them, until Sarkar stepped in.

The Brief: Get Sbobet to the First Page of Google

That and naturally, increase organic traffic, increase lead and conversions. A free hand was given to Sarkar and his team to take it forward in whatever way they deemed fit.

The Strategy: Sarkar Employs The Rank Godfather to Handle the Case and Uses the 5-Point Technique


An Advanced Technical Audit

An extensive, high-level technical SEO Audit was performed on Sbobet’s website, which is an integral part of each of our Monthly SEO Packages. Every discrepancy was duly accounted for and undone. To begin with, piles of pointless sitemaps were found that served no real purpose. On the contrary, they hampered the site’s image big time. We replaced them with one definite sitemap that when indexed will bring the best possible results.  On top of that, low-quality pages were also found that were either removed altogether or replaced in an orderly fashion with respect to the Best SEO Practices in 2020. We also worked on rich snippets and structured data, owing to a large number of ratings and reviews. Fairly quick results, good results, were observed pretty quickly.

Last but not the least; the page load time on desktop was slightly above minimum, thereby increasing the bounce-off rate, which in turn reduces the time a user spends on the website. The page load on handheld devices was pretty abysmal and was brought down to an optimum level. A lot of businesses tend to somehow overlook or sweep under the rug the speed with which their website loads. It is one of the most important factors when it comes to SEO. More so when ranking a casino or gambling website like Sbobet Login. Because, usually, these websites tend to have a lot of visual elements, it becomes all the more necessary to take specific measures to maintain a good load time without giving up the website’s visual appeal.

On-page Content Re-optimization

Many pages were found to have a below-par or extremely poor SEO score. Meta Titles had to be rewritten. Page URLs had to be reoptimized. Meta Descriptions had to be written from the scratch. Primary Keywords were reassigned. Secondary keywords were assigned. Keyword stuffing was found quite a few times and was fixed. Even Page Titles had to be rewritten at several places. And then there was the problem of the same target keyword being assigned to more than one page, which was having a negative impact on the SEO score. It was corrected. Body content was properly edited and rewritten wherever required. To conclude, it was a painstaking process, and quite chaotic, to be honest. But order was restored. All this is something we take very seriously and include it in all of our Monthly SEO Packages.

Original, High-quality SHAREABLE, VIRAL Content

This is without a doubt the most important aspect of executing a successful SEO strategy. But when it comes to SEO for Casino or Gambling websites, many professionals tend to undermine (or overlook) the value of well-written, original content. Logic being, nobody reads content on Casino websites. Well, they couldn’t be more wrong. High-quality content that engages and proves useful for the end-users will always find readers, and not only drive more organic traffic to the website but establish trust and authority as well. And remember, organic traffic means potential customers. And potential customers mean business. And so do us!














A separate blog was created within Sbobet Login. Its sole purpose: high-quality, highly-shareable and easily-viral, original blog posts, which would redirect traffic back to the “Business Area” of the website. Each post was written by a different subject matter expert from our pool of writers. Somebody who not only understood the topic at hand well but could work wonders with it simply because it was his or her playing field. Within a few days the traffic increased, the keywords became shifty, so to speak, and the blog posts started ranking the website in the top search results simultaneously. Our Smoking 007 Monthly SEO Package was doing its job.

Refurbishing the Link Building Strategy

The father of all SEO strategies and Casino SEO strategies calls for just that – The Godfather of Rankings. Because, after all, it not so much about getting the traffic but getting targeted and relevant traffic. The problem with Guest Posting and eventually Link Building is that a lot of low-quality articles are churned for the sake of gaining backlinks. Does your website needs those kinds of backlinks is the question you need to be asking before you start wasting top dollars on it. Just like traffic needs to be targeted for relevancy, your money too needs to be targeted at the right spend-points. Points that will bring you high returns for a longer period of time. In terms of quality traffic, increase in ranks, and leads and conversions.

In order to build a strong link-building strategy and get it right, it is of prime importance that you first get to the exercises mentioned above. In other words, why would a website with high authority, high rank, high traffic, high-quality that has a certain brand value would link back to your website that has poorly written content, poorly assigned keywords and meta tags, has pretty questionable, spammy-looking links and on top of that is a gambling website? Do you see our point? So we initiated the process by removing bad links from Sbobet Login’s website, which was quite time-consuming to say the least because there were just so many. Quite natural for a casino website such as this that gets more than its fair share without even knowing. The foundation had now been built.

Next, we ensured:

  1. Each of the pages had link(s)
  2. But not too many as it then becomes counterproductive
  3. Links to pages within the website
  4. Link to pages on high-quality, high-authority websites
  5. There were no broken links


Refurbishing Guest Posting Strategy

Now came the most important aspect of an effective link-building strategy when performing a Casino SEO or otherwise. The Guest Posts aka The Linkable Assets, that when created (read written) right and submitted to High-DA websites, will continue to enhance your website in more ways than you understand. Casino and Gambling websites are no different. And we understand the mechanism of backlinks quite well to know that almost every website is willing to accept a guest post and link you back if, one, the content is of high-quality and unique. And two, you know how to approach them. Now agreed that it is a tough feat to achieve for Online Casino websites but Sarkar and The Godfather of Rankings are tougher and know how to work their way around it and make an offer they can’t refuse.

Before that, proper amount of time was spent in researching. And then some more. While finalizing any topic (we had to do 20, just saying), we measured it for three checkpoints. One, it needed to be related to the casino and gambling industry. Duh! Two, the business and marketing aspect of it is as important as anything. Three, as we discussed in the point above, the content needs to be fire. Meaning it should spread quickly and be highly volatile. For example, “How do people with gambling addiction cope up with withdrawal symptoms after Vegas?” will any day spread more quickly than something as incredibly monotonous as, say “How to get those Jackpots?”

More importantly, we understood the niche we were working with. And because we have worked with a lot of niches in the last couple of years, we knew this will be unlike any other guest post. As a rule, we don’t outsource Guest Posts to newbie freelancers but to industry veterans who know how to work up a write-up that will find a way to be accepted by High-DA websites. Websites that will happily link you back. And that is exactly what we did. With The Rank Godfather Enterprise Package, 20 High-quality Guest Posts were written and submitted over the period of time to authoritative websites. These posts, while targeting the High-DA websites in question, also targeted the niche. Thereby maintaining fine balance between premium relevant content and the task at hand.

Trust us when we tell you it was a hard sell. Because of an inherent lack of trust from not only Google but also society and online community at large. Because it’s casino and gambling and betting. More so because it is Indonesia where, as we said, casino and gambling is not exactly legal. It’s not at all easy to acquire links from premium websites for usual websites, let alone niches such as these. We are glad that the results speak for us.

The Results

In a matter of month, Sbobet Login has seen outstanding results with The Rank Godfather in combination with other Monthly SEO Packages with SarkarSEO. The organic traffic has more than doubled. It has moved from 16k to 33.2k. There has been a substantial increase in the number of backlinks. And 3 of the 3 keywords moved to No. 1 Spot on Google’s search results, out which one has moved up considerably by a whopping 46 places. Check out the results.



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