Surefire Tips to Rank Higher on Google Maps in 2020

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For every local business out there it is very important to rank high on Google Maps given that it is imperative for search marketing.

A confident SEO agency can make this possible for you. This is one thing that every small business with limited abilities should look for at present.

In fact, your Maps listings allow your prospective clients to know that you are reachable.

It is essential for your business irrespective of whether you provide a service where you will be traveling to their location or you would like them to visit your showroom or retail store.

Simply speaking, proximity happens to be an important ranking factor for Google, and it is likewise amongst the most essential considerations for individuals who are searching. Customers prefer to gain access to any service that is in the close vicinity of their present location.

Below, we’ve mentioned some essential guidelines which will help you to rank higher in Google Maps this year.

1. List Your Company on Google

It is imperative to list your company with Google at first in case you’d like to appear on Google Maps results.

This is possible by making a Google My Business page.

It is going to list basic info regarding your business for example, phone number, physical address, as well as your business type.

You need to be precise while selecting your category and include things such as photographs of the company so as to engage the viewers.

This information will be displayed on the search results’ right side while searching for companies.

It is also advisable to list useful information on that page, for example, what time you’re operating.

2. Make Use of Google Reviews

Reviews are taken very seriously on Google platforms at present which makes it a sensible way to get a high position in the list of Google Maps rankings.

The principle that works here is simple: in case you do have satisfied and happy clients, Google will understand that you offer decent services.

Try to make it very simple for the clients to review and also rate your products. For this, take the help of platforms such as WordPress which feature Google review plug-ins that can be used by you for getting reviews and rankings more conveniently.

Google Reviews

However, it is imperative to be careful since all your past clients might want to review your services and products at the same time.

3. Use Google Posts

Being a comparatively innovative feature, when linked with the Google My Business page, Google Posts will enable you to create content material which will appear directly in the local search engine results.

It is a fantastic way to get to the local clients and also allow them to understand that you are aware of your actions.

While posting, it is important to keep the content material interesting by including images and video clips as well as links to your site so that it can drive more web traffic.

There are several benefits of being able to rank high in some other way on Google which will provide you with more opportunities to get to your clients.

4. List Your Company on Directories Which are Trusted by the Clients

Interestingly, Google is not the only location where it is possible to come across new services.

In fact, lots of directories exist on the web which are searched by people while they’re trying to find any new businesses or restaurants out there.

Company on Directories

Users are known to search for companies on all these directories quite frequently, and also they have faith in the feedback which they receive from the ratings which they find there.

5. Use Local Schema Markup

Make it a point that your site includes information which can be easily accessed and also displayed by the local search engines.

A wonderful solution for doing this will be the innovative Schema Markup.

Local Schema Markup


In fact, Schema Markup scripts are being implemented on the background and they are able to display essential info to prospective clients including the time when you’re operating and also the payment types which you accept.

6. Enhance the Speed of Your Website

It is a fact that the speed of any website will make a huge difference to Google as well as your prospective clients. Even though individuals are able to locate you in the local listings, they will not wait for long in case your site does not operate quickly.

Speed of Your Website

Instead, they will visit some other sites which are functioning better. There are quite a few aspects under your control while it comes to the speed of your website.

Refrain from any webpage which requires loading additional content materials that will utilize resources such as oversized graphics and thus making it very slow for the site to load.

7. Upload Google Maps on Your Website

Uploading Google Maps on your site will allow you to achieve a couple of things: it will allow Google to understand regarding your local presence, and will also help the prospective clients to remain engaged and comprehend where to come across your company.

It is essential for you to take any possible measure to make it convenient for the clients to reach your store without any problem at all.

8. Keep up with the Social Media

At present, major search engines like Google is emphasizing more and more on social signals which help them to figure out the rankings particularly with regards to the Google Maps results.

Companies having a consistent and active online presence are more likely to have high rankings than the others.

9. Give Priority to Mobile Searches

Nowadays, the majority of the searches take place on smartphones.

Therefore, it is highly probable that a customer will be searching for your product or service on their mobile devices. It is important to ensure that your mobile site is in proper condition so as to accommodate all these searches.

Mobile Searches

This implies that you should make certain that the mobile site is properly optimized and also it displays properly on screens of every possible size plus it loads fast on smartphones as well.

You should also include other features like mobile-specific services including click to call which will allow the users to come in contact with you more conveniently.

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