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No one aspires to fail, but it’s a universal truth that those who neglect to plan are preparing for failure. Whether tackling a cooking recipe, embarking on a journey, launching a business venture, or any other endeavor, having a well-thought-out plan is the foundation of success.
Planning is a defining characteristic of accomplished individuals. In this discussion, we won’t dwell on the merits of planning; instead, we’ll delve into the transformational potential of a comprehensive SEO plan or blueprint for 2023. This plan has the power to revolutionize your business and fuel its growth.
You’ve come to the right place if your business seeks dependable SEO services. We’re here to guide you through the challenging terrain.
Now that we’re here let’s begin by gaining a firm grasp of SEO fundamentals and discovering how to craft a strategy that aligns perfectly with your brand.


What are SEO strategies and solutions?

Maintaining unwavering optimism and a “no problem, I’ve got this” attitude can be challenging when you lack a well-defined blueprint for your SEO strategy. Tasks such as building backlinks, revamping subpar content, and optimizing page speed often demand more time and effort than clients initially anticipate. Progress is achieved one step at a time.
It’s important to emphasize that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to executing the perfect SEO plan. Every website and business possesses its unique characteristics. Depending on your priorities, business objectives, and the overall health of your website, you may find yourself adjusting your SEO strategies throughout the year.
To assist you in your heroic endeavors, we’ve prepared a concise overview of what you can expect to find in this article.
Within this article, you’ll gain insights into essential SEO practices that yield tangible results, discover a straightforward yet highly effective roadmap for 2022, and explore the top-notch SEO services tailored to businesses like yours.
Now, let’s delve into why SEO strategies are paramount for your business.
An SEO strategy entails a comprehensive plan to elevate a website’s search engine rankings, attracting increased organic traffic. This strategy encompasses various facets, including technical SEO, content planning, on-page SEO, link development, and enhancing user experience.


SEO roadmap for 2023

Every SEO campaign is meticulously tailored to address the specific requirements of your business. While having a roadmap to follow, you may need to adjust to shifting priorities or challenges. This is where our expertise at SARKAR SEO truly shines. We’re not merely committed to providing a solution; we are dedicated to delivering a solution that is intricately designed and customized to suit the unique characteristics of your business and niche.

An SEO roadmap is a well-documented plan that outlines the action objectives for implementing your digital marketing search engine strategy in a prioritized sequence. This roadmap incorporates precise procedures, goals, and deadlines. Consider implementing one if:

  • You aim to align your digital SEO efforts with your company’s objectives.
  • You seek to ensure that all team members are on the same page regarding SEO initiatives.
  • You want to enhance the organization and optimization of all your SEO projects.

In essence, a strategy involves assessing the bigger picture, including your brand’s current position, desired destination, and the steps required to reach your goals, before determining the tactics that are most likely to propel you forward. Your SEO strategy should encompass elements such as brand positioning, S.M.A.R.T. goals, and KPIs for each SEO channel, among other considerations.

We understand that identifying and monitoring marketing channels that enhance profitability without draining resources can be a challenging endeavor. Achieving a high return on investment demands the exploration of avenues that align with key performance indicators (KPIs) and offer a high-impact, cost-effective solution. Search engine optimization (SEO) is exceptionally suited to addressing this challenge.

Allow us to showcase some of the remarkable results we’ve achieved for our clients on a global scale.


Mandatory SEO practices you cannot ditch (with PROVEN results) 

If you’re searching for an SEO checklist designed to elevate your website’s organic traffic and enhance its Google ranking, you’ve landed at the perfect destination.
We’ve meticulously crafted the ultimate checklist for optimizing SEO performance in 2023, encompassing essential best practices and crucial tasks to keep on your radar.
This checklist is your go-to reference to ensure that your website sticks to SEO best practices and that no hidden issues impede your progress. It covers everything from fundamental SEO principles to vital considerations when assessing off-page signals.


Reporting, Audits & Implementation

Many SEO professionals overlook this crucial step, but it forms the fundamental cornerstone for establishing a robust connection with website owners.
Whenever we engage with clients, we strongly emphasize comprehending their goals and desired outcomes.
Truly understanding your client ranks among the most pivotal aspects of the process. Setting attainable goals and objectives that can be effectively tracked and realized is essential.
The process of scrutinizing your website to assess its performance on search engines is called an SEO audit.
SEO audits serve as a valuable means to outshine your competitors, identify opportunities within your website, pinpoint and rectify exit points, and enhance overall user experiences.
It’s imperative to conduct regular technical SEO audits, on-page SEO audits, and off-page SEO audits.
As you progress through your audit, you’ll uncover areas where you can enhance and optimize your website’s performance, leading to improved outcomes and greater satisfaction among site visitors.


Pillar Content Keyword Research & Content Calendar

  • A content calendar is valuable for meticulously planning and structuring your content releases throughout the year. It plays a l role in helping you discern which blog topics resonate with your target audience and the optimal times to publish them, all geared toward enhancing your business’s growth.

    The initial and vital step in crafting a strategic and data-driven content calendar involves conducting keyword research. This critical process lets you pinpoint the target keywords related to your blog topics. Moreover, by gauging the monthly search volume for these keywords, you can ascertain the peak traffic periods when these topics are in the highest demand.

    Implementing a pillar page strategy can significantly benefit your readers in the following ways:

    1. It offers your audience valuable, interconnected knowledge, allowing them to understand a particular topic comprehensively.
    2. It enhances navigation, enabling visitors to delve deeper into the subject matter and fostering a richer user experience.


Keyword analysis and targeting the right keyword

While Google’s frequent algorithm updates continually challenge inbound marketers, one aspect has remained notably consistent for those striving to optimize their websites for search: the importance of keyword research.

Effective keyword research has become an increasingly vital skill for digital marketers today. It’s not just about creating a solid keyword list for PPC and SEO; it’s also about utilizing keyword research to determine the topics to cover and the phrases to incorporate into their content.

Keyword research involves the systematic collection and assessment of search terms that individuals input into search engines to utilize this information for specific purposes such as SEO and overall marketing strategies.

Now that you have a fundamental understanding of the keywords you aim to rank for, the next crucial step is narrowing down your list to those that align best with your strategy. This is an area where our top-tier SEO services can prove invaluable. However, if you’re interested in tackling it yourself, here’s how:

  1. Utilize the Keyword Planner to identify any terms on your list that exhibit remarkably low or excessively high search volumes.
  2. Prioritize keywords based on your website’s authority and the likelihood of ranking for them.
  3. The key is to write content that genuinely interests your audience, and Monthly Search Volume (MSV) can be a valuable metric in achieving this goal.

Keywords play a role in securing top search rankings, and this is precisely where our dependable SEO services come into play to elevate your digital presence.

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Technical SEO Implementation 

Technical SEO stands out as a pivotal component of SEO strategies. Even if your content is exceptional and addresses a trending topic within your niche, unresolved technical SEO issues can severely impede your ability to secure high rankings in SERPs.
Hence, investing time and effort into enhancing your website’s technical SEO becomes imperative.
The results speak for themselves. We’ve witnessed remarkable traffic surges of up to 87% and substantial lead growth exceeding 160% after rectifying issues pinpointed by these reports.


10 Actionable tips for Technical SEO

  • Make Sure Your Website is Mobile-Friendly
  •  Create and Optimize Your XML Sitemap
  • Speed Up Your Website
  • Fix Your Site Errors by Performing Weekly Technical SEO Site Audits
  • Optimize Internal Links
  • Include Your Main Keywords in Image Alt Text 
  • Use Canonical URLs to Avoid Duplicate Content Issues
  • Install an SSL Certificate for Your Website
  • Check and Fix Crawl Errors in Google Search Console
  • Find and Fix Broken Links on Your Site


Content Distribution: Link Building

Securing links from external websites to your own is called link building. Within the realm of SEO, these links are commonly known as backlinks. Acquiring backlinks from high-quality websites can significantly enhance your website’s authority and elevate its rankings within search engine results pages (SERPs).
Imagine you possess outstanding content, yet your website remains relatively new and needs to establish authority. In such a scenario, obtaining backlinks from reputable websites is a strategic approach to bolster Google’s perception of your website’s authority.
At Sarkar SEO, our approach involves a comprehensive analysis of your website, collaborative goal-setting, and identifying the specific types of links required to enhance your overall Google rankings. Additionally, we offer assistance in both content creation and the pursuit of these valuable backlinks, working hand in hand with you or on your behalf to achieve these objectives.


Guest posting and growth strategies

If you’re engaged in content marketing, a well-executed guest posting strategy can be a crucial tool for boosting traffic and content marketing ROI.
Guest blogging also plays a significant role in establishing trust. When your content is featured on reputable and authoritative websites, a portion of that credibility and authority is conferred upon you. Consistent guest posting can position you as an expert, enhancing your company’s reputation.
Among the key benefits of guest writing, SEO stands out prominently. Building links from high-quality websites holds immense importance as an SEO ranking factor, contributing to improved search result rankings for your website.


How do we help our clients with these strategies and increase their ROI?

Whenever individuals approach us with inquiries about how we can assist them in growing their businesses and improving their rankings, our response remains consistent. We firmly believe that offering value in exchange is the most effective approach to secure backlinks from high-quality, high-authority websites—a strategy that can significantly elevate your business.
At Sarkar SEO Original, our primary focus centers on delivering top-notch, expertly crafted, high-quality, and unique articles. These articles serve as the cornerstone of our approach, complemented by the strategic utilization of Sarkar’s Services. This synergistic approach consistently and organically attracts high-quality, relevant traffic over the years, resulting in enhanced Google rankings for our clients and an augmentation of their authority in their respective domains.
In addition, we leverage a meticulously curated selection of contextual anchor links and premium links to propel our clients’ SEO campaigns to the next level, further optimizing their online presence and performance.


8 step Monthly SEO cheat sheet 

8 step Monthly SEO cheat sheet 

A little about us and our endeavors.

Here at Sarkar SEO, we’re a spirited team of SEO experts who have joined forces to deliver results that speak volumes. Sarkar’s collective brainpower and analytical prowess serve as our driving force, propelling us to strive even harder to achieve the desired and optimal outcomes for our clients through our white hat SEO services.
To date, we’ve proudly served over 5,000 businesses, and our clientele continues growing steadily daily. Collaborating with us is as effortless as a walk in the park because we are responsible for carrying the load and alleviating the concerns associated with a lackluster online presence. We genuinely comprehend clients’ apprehensions when selecting an agency and the desire to find one that truly understands and caters to your unique needs.


To make it simple we have a little something to show you what our client onboarding process looks like.

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