Walk of success – Increased SEO Traffic by 400% in 12 Months.

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It is not an arbitrary study but a journey of how our client who happens to be from an eminent industry in Thailand, was able to sit in the top positions for a substantial amount of time and still be on the top for the keywords we targetted. While getting started with a client it is very important to be empathetic and put yourself in your client’s shoes to know what they exactly want, so here we are, sharing our and our client’s wins and taking you through the journey with technicalities and story we weaved.

It’s been more than 10 years of practice and experiments that we now know the perfect mix for our clients to flourish. Every win comes with a challenge, a difficulty that makes it more fascinating.

Initially, there were more difficulties than answers, But we persisted, and eventually discovered a couple of diverse and extensive approaches that gained some serious momentum. Our main focus was getting good results with white-hat techniques that give sustainable growth. What followed next can you guess?

Yes, those few factors enabled us to see insane results. And here we are, to discuss the four key areas that should be concentrated on to finally succeed and assist our biggest client in achieving outstanding SEO results so that you may make use of these tactics as well.

Every campaign and business will have specific attributes, therefore certain tactics that may be effective for us might not be effective for you.

Nevertheless, this case study has several ideas that apply to just about every campaign you will ever undertake.

Let’s start!

SEO Client onboarding

Before knowing what we actually did here is a glance at the top results we generated for our client.

This is what our mini version of unofficial onboarding of clients looks like, since we got a potential client on board, we couldn’t wait to start working on his website SEO, but before that, we did some testing and examining and we have jotted all the crucial points for you. We determined the problem first, we can see that the content he is posting was absolute quality but it was unoptimized and unorganized. The second problem was Links, no quality links were pointing to his site.

As soon as we identified the major problems, we paced up and started to work on his website.

Content Audit 

We began by identifying all of his blog’s top content assets from a traffic standpoint before implementing an extensive content audit (with Google Analytics and Google Search Console). Only 7% of his hundreds of blog posts received regular visitors.

So this is what we did with 93% of his total content,

Optimized and republished,

  • There were a lot of scopes for their content to flourish and perform 50 times better than in the current stage, so we decided to add more keywords that fit in naturally (high search volume and low organic competition).
  • Made a content pillar for making it easy for users to see.

Unpublishing some content,

There was content that was far off the content they push and belonged to different categories. We saw the traffic coming from that posts was not of any use so we respectfully unpublished that content.

He had roughly 35 blog entries left by the time the content evaluation was complete (including those we revamped). But within a few months, he was bringing in MORE visitors than ever before because of the extremely helpful and SEO-driven content in each of his blog posts.


Let’s build some links

Since we revamped the content we knew the worth and the value and we did a simple approach:

“You’ll see fantastic conversion rates if you have great content, get in touch with someone who has already linked to or published similar material, and provide them with exceptional value.”


 Creating New and finer content regularly 

Posting regular SEO- Driven contest is as important as watering your plants daily. I refer to content that is developed using the best keyword opportunities in the desired field as being SEO-driven. Many people start with writing content, then they look for a keyword to “optimize” it. If you want your content to rank, this is counterproductive. You’re effectively pulling keywords out of a bucket with varying levels of competition, rather than identifying exceptional keyword opportunities your site can rank for.


Do not forget about internal linking 

Links are necessary for your content to rank. When your posts and pages are linked to another website, Google finds them more easily. Additionally, internal links connect your articles and help Google understand the layout of your website. They can help you create a pyramid on your website so that the most significant pages and posts receive more link value than other, less significant ones. Therefore, implementing the proper internal linking strategy can help your SEO!

Google splits link value among all of the links on a web page in addition to identifying the relationship between content. Because it has the most backlinks, a website’s homepage frequently has the highest link value. Each link on that homepage will receive a portion of that link value. The links on the next page will each receive a portion of the link value that was sent to them, and so on.

As a result, linking to your most recent blog entries from the homepage rather than just the category page will increase their link worth. Additionally, if recent posts are linked to from the home page, Google will find them more quickly.


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