YOUTUBE SEO – Now better with more visuals and better search results.

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Youtube new updates

Do you know video content works the best when it comes to getting more traction to your business. It has a potential of getting more eyeballs and unexpected sales.

Video is extremely engaging and useful for many types of businesses. Creating a YouTube channel for your business offers a centralized platform for your audience to view and engage with your videos.

If you are starting with youtube or if you already have a youtube channel, now you can optimise it to get better search results.

Youtube is now better with few new touch ups which are specially integrated to discover small channels and promote the best possible content according to the search intent of the audience.

Currently, YouTube has more than 2 billion users worldwide and 30 million daily visitors. Nearly 500 hours of video are uploaded to the site every minute, with more than 2,400 channels that exceed 1 million subscribers. The platform was purchased by Google in 2016 and currently ranks No. 2 for global and domestic web traffic, according to Alexa.

If you’re not already on youtube then you are missing a good chunk of audience.

So you’re thinking of taking the plunge into YouTube for your business, are you? It’s a smart move

Let’s talk about the fresh new updates to up your video content.

Making searches more visual 

As People are always searching for easier ways to see what a video is about on YouTube before diving into the actual content. Youtube has now got you covered! They have now started to make the search page even more visual to help people get a better glimpse of what’s inside a video. 


As suggested by youtube 

Up until now, when you browsed for a video to watch on YouTube, you’d see a thumbnail image of each video. It gave you a chance to gather a quick snapshot of the video’s content. Now, you’ll be able to make even more informed decisions about what you’re going to watch through video chapters directly in the search page. When available, these time-stamped images detail the different topics covered in videos and let you better evaluate the video you’re about to watch. You can also jump directly to the section most relevant to your specific interest”.


I personally think this will be a great integration for users as well as for the creators to get a more targeted audience and more optimized results.

Making more content available to everyone

We all know YouTube is a content ocean. It has more than 2 billion users and new content is updated every second.Still when it comes to videos in a particular language we find it hard to discover. Youtube is constantly looking for new ways to make information more accessible and inclusive for all users globally. That’s why here are the exciting approaches to improve content searches across the globe on YouTube. 


YouTube stated: 

“We’re starting to show search results from other languages with automatically translated captions, titles and descriptions when relevant content in the local language isn’t available. This means that someone in Thailand can learn about quantum physics from a professor at MIT or viewers in Brazil can explore the Grand Canyon from home, with captions in their local language. We’ll start supplementing search results with English videos and plan to expand to more languages. Our hope is that all global content will become more accessible through translated captions and help creators reach a more global audience”. 


Language is no more a barrier when it comes to assessing content on youtube. Not everyone is familiar or comfortable with english. That’s why you can now view any video with captions in your local language.

Google Search Results in YouTube

Google search results are getting integrated into YouTube. But only on a limited basis, for now.

YouTube is experimenting with returning search results from Google when there’s not enough video content available to satisfy a query.

Although these updates have some limitations it sure will solve a lot of problems to get better search results and more user focused content.

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