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Yes, your website can still grow exponentially with all white hat techniques and enduring results. Let us be your business doctor and take care of your online business health. No matter how bad you’re hurt by the ever-hitting search engine algorithm or knocked out by the competitor, We have just the right combination of doses for you.

Who are we?

No, we don’t own a time machine but for the last 10+ years, we have stayed ahead of time in our SEO strategies. We have been in the digital space for over a decade and we are specialized in business growth with SEO and digital marketing.


When we say business growth we mean an increase in organic and targetted traffic, higher SERP rankings, higher ROI with a blast of sales.


We are Sarkar SEO or you can say King of SEO and we are dedicated to providing you with a higher ranking in the search engines and branding your company through our Premium SEO Campaigns.


What It Really Takes to Succeed

If you really want to build a successful, thriving business in whatever niche you are in, you need to have an action-packed strategy to support your growth online through thick and thin.


“A bad SEO strategy is like a bad apple in a barrel. First, it turns your business growth sour. Then it begins to eat into your gains and finally, it just cleans the head off your customer space.”


 Online business growth seems like a video game: you can either play it intelligently, learning more in each round, or you can be killed in the same spot by the same monster, again and again.


Meet the mastermind behind Sarkar SEO

SarkarSEO was founded by Mohit Parnami, also known as Sarkar. He is an entrepreneur, marketer, and, most significantly, an SEO expert for whom SEO is both a skill and a passion. It’s his driving force, and he relishes the feeling of being in charge as he races from one ranking challenge to the next. He is the epitome of authority and expertise. To meet the new dynamism of the online world, we have stayed ahead of trends and updated our SEO services timely.

Our journey is also featured by keyword.com, Paypal, and many leading media industries.

Ready to unlock crazy growth? Let’s talk! Our Story and Milestones we Achieved

We started when internet marketing was a little barren, it was new and few businesses were coming online, we saw an opportunity and established ourselves as a service market fit for online business juggling through SEO. When we started SEO was our strong suit and to date, we have successfully made our benchmarks in the best SEO company working globally. 


To date, we have served more than 5k+ businesses and added more daily. We have received positive feedback from our clients which motivates us to work even more harder.  

We understand how you as customers are worried about experimenting with agencies and how to choose the one that will understand and cater to your needs.


To make it simple we have a little something to show you, what our clients have to say about us.


Our Results are our SUPERPOWER!

We have helped thousands of business owners to rank their website on top, irrespective of what keyword you’re targeting.

Want to Know How we Get these Results?

So, from the start we had numerous services to offer from on-page SEO to link building, and the list kept on growing. But when it comes to different types of business it’s important to understand the needs and goals they have set for themselves to achieve.


These are some characteristics of our iconic and long-running services.


  • Getting high quality targeted traffic at your doorsteps
  • Rise through and through with high rankings
  • Make your domain authority a stamp for trust
  • Increase conversion and sky-high ROI
  • Make your brand go viral with credibility.

To know more head over to our service page and choose the best for yourself.

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