2022- Latest trends in SERP features – with icing of Action-packed SEO Strategy

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Latest google updates 2022

We all have a common best friend we daily talk to.

Any guesses, about what I am talking about?

The only best friend who listens to us is GOOGLE. We all do a google search daily for anything and everything. Google knows how to cook the best pasta, it knows the best place for vacation, it also knows how you can get through a break-up. And that’s, not it.

So now that we all agree that we are scrappy without google, let’s jump on to know how google process a query we threw at it.

Typing in a single word or phrase provides millions of results scattered across thousands of pages. 

Those pages are referred to as SERPs or Search Engine Results Pages.

 In this article, we will talk about SERP features and the latest trends of 2022.


What is SERP Feature?

Any additional element on a SERP that adds something new to the standard format of a results page is referred to as a SERP feature.

The term “SERP feature” is not a recognized term. These forms of query results are referred to as “search result features” or “rich results” by Google. Although the two terms are equivalent.

We break down the 2022 SERP feature trends you need to know to improve your SERP exposure and ranks in 2022. Learn which features to target in your SEO strategy and how to improve your content for each SERP feature using best practices.

Here are the SERP Features you may see on Google: 

Let’s talk about them individually to dig deeper.


  • Featured Snippet


Featured snippets are highlighted text samples that appear at the top of a Google search results page in “Position 0.” They give users an immediate response to their search query. When consumers type in informational search queries, featured snippets are more likely to appear.

  • Local Pack

For any search query with a local purpose, the Local Pack is a SERP feature that shows on the first page of results. It includes a map of business locations as well as listings for three businesses that are related to the search.


  • Reviews


Google reviews can help your business stand out by providing important information. In Maps and Search, reviews appear next to your Business Profile.


  • Sitelinks


Sitelinks are hyperlinks to other pages on your website that appear beneath the description of your snippet in Google Search Results. Sitelinks are only shown when they are useful to the user, as determined by Google’s algorithms.


  • Videos


Video’s existence has an impact on the most crucial SEO ranking factor: content. Video provides proof of high-quality content, and when used as part of a site’s media mix, it helps search engines understand that your page or site contains rich media relevant to search requests.


  • Top Stories


“Top Stories” is a section that appears within Google Search when we detect a search query is news-oriented. We match the search with relevant, quality news content to display. “Top Stories” features articles related to the search and a link to more related articles on the News tab. Content is automatically selected for this feature.


  • Images


Google reverse image search, also known as Google Search by Image, is a Google tool that allows users to search for images by starting with an image rather than a written or spoken search phrase.


  • Knowledge Panel


Google’s Knowledge Panels are information boxes that appear when the search engine perceives a query as having a local purpose. They usually include information about the business, such as hours, location, contact information, reviews, and photographs; however, the specific details vary according to the type of business.


  • People Also Ask


People Also Ask is a Google-rich snippet feature that offers consumers information that is related to their initial query.


  • Related Searches


According to Google, related searches are “produced automatically based on an algorithm to find terms related to your search.” Looking at the relevant searches in Google News could be a helpful approach to see what’s trending in the news for a given topic.


  • Job Listings


Job postings usually include experience and education qualifications, a job description, what materials you’ll need to apply, how you should apply, and if there is one, a deadline for applying.


  • Shopping Ads (Product Listing Ads)


Product Listing Ads are advertisements that provide users with more detailed information than typical text-based ads. This makes people more likely to visit your website. Your product data feed provides the information for the adverts.