2023- Latest trends in SERP features – with icing of Action-packed SEO Strategy

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In our daily lives, we all have a trusty companion we turn to regularly. Any guesses about who or what I’m referring to? Well, it’s none other than Google. Google is our dependable friend who listens and provides answers to our questions. We rely on Google for a wide range of information, from cooking tips and travel recommendations to relationship advice. But have you ever wondered how Google processes the queries we throw at it?

When we type a single word or phrase into Google’s search bar, it returns millions of results across thousands of pages. These pages collectively make up what we call SERPs or Search Engine Results Pages. This article will delve into SERP features and explore the latest trends as of 2023.

Understanding SERP Features:

A SERP feature is any additional element on a SERP that goes beyond the standard format of search results, adding extra value or information. While Google doesn’t officially use the term “SERP feature,” it refers to these types of query results as “search result features” or “rich results.” Essentially, they both mean the same thing.

Now, let’s discuss the SERP features you may encounter on Google and explore each in detail.

1. Featured Snippet:

Featured snippets are highlighted text snippets that often appear on the top of search results page, occupying what’s known as “Position 0.” They provide users with a concise and immediate answer to their search query, making them highly valuable for informational searches.

2. Local Pack:

The Local Pack is a SERP feature on the first page of results for Google’s search queries with local intent. It typically includes a map displaying business locations and listings for three related businesses.

3. Reviews:

Google reviews play a crucial role in making your business stand out. They are displayed next to your Business Profile in Maps and Search, offering valuable information to potential customers.

4. Sitelinks:

Sitelinks are hyperlinks to other pages on your website that appear below the description in Google Search Results. Google displays site links when it deems them beneficial to the user.

5. Videos:

Video content has a significant impact on SEO, as it contributes to the quality of your content. Videos help search engines understand that your site offers relevant and engaging multimedia content when used alongside other media.

6. Top Stories:

The “Top Stories” section appears in Google Search for news-oriented queries. It showcases relevant news articles and links to more related content on the News tab, automatically selected based on the search.

7. Images:

Google’s reverse image search, or Google Search by Image, allows users to search using images instead of text queries.

8. Knowledge Panel:

Knowledge Panels are information boxes that appear when Google detects a query with a local intent. They typically provide business details like hours, location, contact information, reviews, and photos.

9. People Also Ask:

The “People Also Ask” feature offers additional information related to users’ initial search queries, presented in a rich snippet format.

10. Related Searches:

Google generates “Related Searches” based on an algorithm to find terms related to your search query. It’s a helpful way to discover what’s trending in the news for a specific topic.

11. Job Listings:

Job listings include information about experience and education requirements, job descriptions, application materials, and deadlines.

12. Shopping Ads (Product Listing Ads):

Product Listing Ads provide users with detailed information beyond traditional text-based ads. They are particularly effective in driving traffic to your website, with product data feeds supplying the necessary information.

Understanding these SERP features and staying updated on their trends in 2023 can help you enhance your SERP visibility and rankings. You can engage with audience and improve your online presence by targeting the right features in your SEO strategy and optimizing your content accordingly.