5 Reasons You Need an SEO Pro Immediately

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“You may have encountered the persistent recommendation to hire an SEO professional for your business, which might have left you feeling somewhat annoyed. Yet, as time has passed, have you ever seriously considered it? The question still lingers: Is it genuinely necessary? The answer, as always, hinges on the nature of your online business and the specific SEO outcomes you desire. However, irrespective of your circumstances, if any of the following factors have hindered your progress, it might be high time to enlist the expertise of an SEO professional to handle the intricacies on your behalf.”
Please note that the original content was rewritten and updated for 2023, but the structure and key points remain the same.

  1. Your Website or its Pages aren’t Indexed

Numerous factors can impede Google from indexing your website or specific pages. The reasons may range from a straightforward obstacle preventing Google’s crawl to more intricate issues like your website’s structure, URL parameters, or problematic code snippets. An adept SEO professional possesses the knowledge to pinpoint the exact source of the problem and resolve it efficiently, saving valuable time. Any issue that leads to your website’s exclusion from search results is best entrusted to an expert, as attempting to tackle it without expertise may exacerbate the situation.

  1. You’re Thinking About Site Migration or Major Redesign

Implementing substantial changes to a website, whether it involves a redesign, restructuring, domain alteration, navigational adjustments, or a shift in the CMS platform, carries inherent risks. One of the most apparent risks is the potential loss of hard-earned rankings and traffic. It is strongly recommended not to embark on significant design alterations without involving a knowledgeable SEO professional. When it comes to site migration, this is a process that demands expert SEO oversight, factoring in all technical complexities and potential risks.
It’s crucial to remember that even after migration, vigilant monitoring is essential for an indefinite duration to detect and address any anomalies that may arise. This continuous observation is a task best suited for an SEO professional with a track record of successfully managing multiple migrations in the past.

  1. Organic Traffic to Your Site is Constantly Declining

It’s normal for websites to change their traffic patterns throughout their existence. These shifts can occur for many reasons and can be more complex to identify. However, it’s crucial to understand that these declines are often reversible, underscoring the importance of incorporating an SEO professional into your internet marketing strategy. Whether the fluctuations are due to seasonal trends, algorithmic changes, technical issues, or penalties, an SEO expert possesses the expertise to analyze your traffic patterns, identify the root causes, and swiftly initiate corrective measures.

  1. You’ve Received a Manual Penalty

The imposition of a manual penalty can trigger significant fluctuations in website traffic, and having the penalty lifted can be a daunting challenge, particularly when attempting it solo or with someone unfamiliar with the procedure. This is where an SEO professional comes into play, armed with the necessary expertise to address a manual penalty, have it revoked, and restore normal operations. They can thoroughly assess and pinpoint the reasons behind the penalty and systematically address any underlying issues, significantly if multiple matters contributed to it. Furthermore, they can offer an unofficial assurance to the search engine that steps are being taken to prevent a recurrence of the same errors before submitting a request for penalty removal.

  1. Below Par Results from Your Current SEO Strategy

If you’re dissatisfied with the results of your current SEO strategy, various factors could be contributing to the issue. Firstly, you might rely on a do-it-yourself SEO guide, which may only be optimal sometimes. Alternatively, your current SEO professional might still be in the learning phase, or their learning curve within their field might need to align with your brand ethos and expectations. Given the competitive nature of the online business landscape, time can be a critical factor, and waiting for their expertise to align with your needs fully may be challenging.
Consider bringing in a different SEO professional with the experience necessary to bridge the gap between your business objectives and desired SEO outcomes in such situations. Depending on your circumstances, selecting a dedicated SEO expert with a track record of successfully handling cases similar to yours is a robust system for measuring and reporting SEO results is essential. This cost structure aligns with your budget and, most importantly, a deep understanding of your brand values and business goals.