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A lot has changed in the last couple of months. Our world has turned upside down. The simple things in life that we so used to take for granted have now become aspirational, things as little as walking around and as natural as our social interactions.

The scale is unprecedented; something we haven’t encountered before.

Thousands of lives have been lost, millions displaced, billions shattered. Livelihoods have taken a toll. Our thoughts and prayers are with them. And we salute and extend complete support to our frontline warriors, the first responders, and the bravehearts—the Medical Professionals, Law and Order Officers, the Journalists, and last but not the least, those keeping our cities clean—by risking their own lives during this global crisis, battling all odds to keep us safe.

While we don’t really know how to go forward from here, except with hope, caution, and strength, I believe TOGETHER we will overcome this. I and everyone from the SarkarSEO Team wish you safety and good health.

On becoming One of the Top BlackHatWorld Sellers of All-time

| Interview with Keyword.com’s Kevin

What started out small back in the day is now a tour de force. Enthusiasm remains still; the love for our SEO services extends across countries. I am, of course, speaking of my association aka SarkarK21 with BlackHatWorld, an internet marketing company with over 9 million members.

In a recent interview with Kevin, owner of Keyword.com (previously known as SerpBook.com), we reminisced and spoke at length about my journey to becoming one of the Top BlackHatWorld sellers of all-time.

As well as various aspects of Search Engine Optimization that played a key role in taking my SEO game to the next level. Even though I have been in the SEO industry for around 10 years, it wasn’t until 2012 that I met Kevin and started using SerpBook.com (which, also, was new at the time) by buying one of their smallest packages, I might add.

“Tracking is the most important factor. If you have done something good and you cannot explain and show your clients the results, then it’s useless.” – Mohit Parnami

8 years later, we are now clocking $2MN USD per year with an overall turnover of over $10MN USD, pushing us to becoming one of the top BHW power-sellers of all time out of 3600 listings. Our multiple threads on BlackHatWorld have also hit more than 2.5 million views over the course of time, garnering tremendous response and endless queries.

It is an incredibly humbling experience to see your baby perform well at the world-stage. I feel like a proud parent. And Keyword.com has had a big hand in it. Without it, there wouldn’t have been proper tracking, no quantifiable results, no acquiring new businesses and retaining the old. In short, Keyword.com has been my star-tracker and more, if I may say so.

To anyone still trying to figure out life in SEO and BlackHatWorld, I would like to say hard work always pays off. But hard work in the right direction pays off richly. And what that direction is, it is something you must decide and be your own USP.

If you’d like to watch the full-length interview with Kevin, Keyword.com, you can do so by clicking here.

From Turnarounds to Turnovers: SarkarSEO – SEO with a Difference

What is it that we have been doing differently? Well, to be honest – Nothing. I believe sticking to the basics is the best thing you can do in this fast-changing online world. And I believe I have done well in communicating this simple yet easily-forgotten message clearly to my team who seems to have taken it to heart.

We have a whole bunch of passionate experts, dedicated specifically towards R&D, testing day in and day out, figuring out new strategies of putting your beloved website to the top. They keep a close watch on Google updates and work their way around it, ensuring you get consistent results, good results.

We also update and better upon our services and packages—including the hot-selling services Sherlock, Galaxy, and Jack Sparrow’s Monthly Packages—after every algorithm update, maintaining maximum efficiency in terms of both, traffic and your website’s security.

What does the Future of Search Engine Optimization look like?

With the recent Google May Core update 2020, if there is one thing that casts no doubt whatsoever on itself is that thin content no longer belongs in the top searches. In other words, if your content is poorly-written, doesn’t serve a purpose, isn’t original and relevant, and doesn’t solve readers’ queries then your website will not be ranked anywhere near what you call higher.

That and link-building. High-quality backlinks from High DA Websites (including EDU sites) will bring you high-quality traffic consistently, in turn increasing your own website’s authority and respect within the community.

And post Covid-19, with most of the websites from the health and wellness industry constantly gaining more visibility after each passing day, it has become quite a challenge for the rest of the industries make amends hereon. At SarkarSEO, we understand the need for it and are working tirelessly round the clock, researching, testing, fixing glitches, to ensure your website too can reach the top, irrespective of the industry it belongs to.

Love in the time of Corona

But most importantly, at SarkarSEO, we understand just how critical it is to play our part beyond our workspaces and businesses and jobs, towards the well-being of and love for all humankind. Which is why, most from our team are either working remotely or from home, maintaining social-distancing, contributing to the cause, each to his/her own way, setting an example.

I take immense satisfaction in saying that there have been no layoffs, no salary cuts in our agency due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. If anything, in fact, we have only ended up expanding our team.

And finally, I once again want to thank you for your trust in our services and your invaluable feedback. It really helps us serve you better. Hang in there tight, we will enter a new world, a better world together.

Yours Sincerely,
Mohit Parnami aka Sarkar
Director, Ribbun Software Pvt. Ltd.

Sarkar SEO
[email protected]

Mohit Parnami aka Sarkar is an entrepreneur, marketer and Co-Founder of SarkarSEO. He is passionate about SEO and lifelong learner to learn new things. He has been in the internet marketing industry for 10+ years.