Boost Your Growth: 3 Rapid SEO Wins for the Coming Year

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The most effective SEO strategies aren’t intricate theories but straightforward, actionable ideas.

No matter how many pivot tables you create, they will only rescue your progress if they yield results. Achievements stem from action, not just analysis. It’s time to set aside those elaborate spreadsheets and dive into action. This concise article aims to guide you back to fundamentals, offering a quick, straightforward path to reigniting growth for the upcoming year.


Strategies to Achieve SEO Results in the Upcoming Six Months


SEO often operates on a long-term trajectory. The efforts invested now often materialize into results in the following year. But what if that timeline aligns differently with your urgency, speed, or overall objectives?

If that’s your scenario, it’s time to reconsider your payback period and the strategies or tactics you adopt. SEO involves front-loading your investment during the initial years to create a valuable asset that appreciates in value over time.

But what about aiming high? Should you target dominating the top revenue-generating keyword in your industry?


However, there’s a catch: achieving this goal might take years and considerable resources. That won’t address your immediate needs for today, next week, or even next month.

Instead, pivot your focus away from what you lack or don’t currently rank for and redirect it to what you already possess and are currently ranking for.

Here’s the approach to consider.


1. Enhance and Optimize Content Positioned Beyond the Top Five

Most ranked content often needs to be noticed, needing more views, reads, or clicks.

Approximately 80% of user attention is concentrated within the top five search results on a SERP. This fact highlights two crucial points:

  • Search Engine Results Pages, and by extension SEO, operate as a zero-sum game, where one’s gain is another’s loss.
  • Prioritizing the top five rankings becomes imperative to succeed.

Contrary to common belief, generating new content might not significantly impact these rankings, as it usually takes considerable time, from weeks to months or even years, to ascend from being non-indexed to a top-five position.

Instead, focus on existing content positioned between spots five to 15. Establish a minimum search volume threshold to ensure maximum impact and set a keyword difficulty limit to target the most accessible opportunities for improvement.


2. Revise and Fine-Tune Content Addressing Keyword Overlap

Congratulations on your existing keyword rankings! However, a few common issues may arise:

You might be gaining rankings unintentionally, where your optimization targets one topic but ends up ranking for another. This situation leads to…

Difficulty in breaking into the top five rankings for a specific keyword because competing content is more precisely optimized for that query, resulting in…

Potential conflict, wherein your desired content for a specific keyword is hindered by cannibalization caused by another page on your site.


3. Refurbish and Optimize Declining Content from the Past 1 to 2 Years

Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) are constantly in flux, continuously evolving as search patterns and information dynamics shift.

Your competitors are also adapting, intensifying their efforts, and investing more resources and expertise into attaining the same rankings you once prized.

The outcome?

After enjoying a year or more of favorable rankings, it’s easy to grow complacent. Your focus shifts elsewhere, leading to a gradual decline in visibility within the SERPs.

This scenario is prevalent and requires acknowledgment and proactive response:

  • Expect and embrace this reality—it’s an ongoing process.
  • The shift occurs continually and at this very moment.
  • Fortunately, it’s identifiable and amendable!

Once again, scrutinize your existing keyword rankings. This time, apply a date filter to capture historical rankings from the previous one to two years. Then, pinpoint keywords or pages experiencing the most significant declines within that timeframe for further attention and improvement.


Act Now for Swifter Results in SEO


SEO is both an art and a science, often presenting technical challenges and moments of confusion. Amidst the complexity, it’s crucial to maintain sight of the bigger picture. No amount of analysis compensates for lack of action.

Avoid the trap of fixating on minute details, spending exhaustive hours over-analyzing and strategizing without taking decisive steps. Instead, if immediate results are essential, return to the fundamentals.

Adapt your keyword research, content creation, and link-building strategies to align with a more immediate payback period. Focus on maximizing existing or previously successful elements to expedite results in the upcoming months.

Moreover, today’s efforts drive present outcomes and provide:

  • A buffer.
  • Allowing you to refocus on more ambitious, commercially lucrative projects that might have a longer payoff timeline.
  • Securing a more strategic approach in the long run.

If you’re still grappling with the complexities and uncertainties, explore our monthly SEO packages and let our team of experts assist you.

Shilpi Mathur
[email protected]