Enhance Your Online Presence: Google Search Organization Markup Demystified

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Google Search has broadened its Organization markup capabilities, now encompassing name, address, contact details, and other vital business identifiers. Previously, this markup was limited to logo and URL structured data fields.
Announced by Irina Tuduce and Alex Jansen, Google Shopping software engineers, this enhancement signifies an expanded support for organizational data, empowering businesses with comprehensive administrative information.


New Updates in Google Developer Documentation: Expansion of Organization Structured Data


Google has recently updated its developer documentation, introducing Organization structured data that supports a range of new business and organization-related fields. These additions encompass crucial details like name, alternate name, legal name, description, sameas, address fields, phone numbers, email, number of employees, founding date, DUNS, NAICS, tax ID, and other ID numbers.
While retaining the logo and URL fields, the documentation integrates the logo information into the newly introduced organization documentation.
The application of this markup extends to various visual elements within Google Search, including knowledge panels and attributions. According to Google, these enhancements aim to facilitate searchers in quickly locating comprehensive details about your Organization on Google Search.

Google has revamped the reports within Google Search Console to accommodate the validation of these latest fields. The rich results testing tool has also been updated to support verifying these new structured data fields.
As stated by Google, the previous logo report in Search Console and validations in the Rich Results Test have been replaced with more comprehensive organization validations in the Rich Results Test.
Google explained, “You can now assess your Organization’s structured data by utilizing the Rich Results Test. Submit the URL of a page or a code snippet. This tool instantly confirms the validity of your markup.”

Why It Matters: The broadening of fields within organization-structured data empowers you to convey more details about your business or Organization to Google.
This expanded data equips Google Search to furnish precise phone numbers, addresses, and other vital business identifiers. Consequently, this aids searchers in discovering and reaching out to businesses leveraging Organizational structured data markup.

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