Exciting News: Google Lighthouse 11.2.0 Enhancements Arriving in PageSpeed Insights!

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Google Chrome’s Lighthouse has updated version 11.2.0, introducing many alterations that enhance performance scores and offer a design refresh.

Google has unveiled an updated version of Lighthouse, featuring significant alterations to the calculation and display of performance scores. These Lighthouse updates will soon become available in PageSpeed Insights and will be integrated into an upcoming Chrome release’s DevTools. The new version introduces substantial changes to the Performance category.

As per the Lighthouse changelog:

“This update represents a complete revamp of the performance category.

Performance insights are now evaluated and ranked according to their estimated impact on performance metrics.

Moreover, the performance score gauge provides more comprehensive details regarding how each metric contributes to the overall score.”


Design Enhancements


Among the modifications, some of which may go unnoticed by most users, is the adjustment made to realign the PageSpeed Insights gauges, ensuring they are correctly aligned instead of the current random arrangement.


Fresh Explosive Gauge


Developers have playfully dubbed the updated interface for the performance category as the “explodey gauge.”


Numerous Additional Lighthouse Updates


Numerous additional updates to Lighthouse fall under the esoteric category (yes, I’m using that word again!).

Still skeptical about their esoteric nature? Here’s what the changelog reveals about the Tests section:

  • Implement the use of a new headless for Puppeteer tests (#15374)
  • Increase the threshold for wasted milliseconds in the database (#15483).
  • Eliminate the usage of frontend globals in DevTools (#15518)
  • Ensure Lighthouse commences in smoke tests within DevTools (#15459)
  • Rectify the viewport in smoke tests within DevTools (#15454)
  • Synchronize end-to-end testing in DevTools (#15444)


Upon the Arrival of Lighthouse 11.2.0


Lighthouse 11.2.0 is set to appear within the Chrome Dev Tools as part of Chrome 120, currently slated for release on December 5, 2023.

On the other hand, PageSpeed Insights will incorporate these changes much earlier, with an anticipated rollout by the end of this month, in October.

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Shilpi Mathur
[email protected]