GMB Attributes: A Step Ahead To Improved SEO

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In the evolving landscape of 2023, Google My Business (GMB) attributes have become a crucial tool for businesses to showcase their offerings and provide transparency to potential customers.
These attributes help businesses enhance their local search visibility and play a vital role in catering to specific search queries. A detailed GMB listing with details can improve rankings for specialized searches like [accessible restaurants near me] or [Miami hotels with free wifi].
In this updated blog, you’ll explore the diverse range of GMB attributes tailored to different business categories and discover how local marketers can effectively leverage these features to optimize their online presence and engage with their target audience.


Sorts of Google My Business Attributes 

There are two sorts of qualities inside a posting on GMB: genuine or abstract.



In 2023, Google My Business (GMB) attributes can be categorized into verifiable and subjective. The business controls verifiable details, while subjective points are gathered from customer reviews and opinions beyond the business’s influence.
Subjective attributes include popularity, group suitability, casual ambiance, a family-friendly atmosphere, and more.
This guide will focus on verifiable attributes your business can manage within the GMB platform. These attributes are vital in addressing common queries directly on your local listing. As users often make decisions based on these details without visiting your website, ensuring you provide comprehensive information can position your establishment as the preferred choice for potential customers.

Refreshing Attributes in GMB 

As of 2023, Google My Business (GMB) allows multiple attributes to be updated for each listing, with attribute availability determined by the listing’s primary category. Not all types will provide the same qualities, which can vary based on the country of the listings. Choosing the most relevant primary category for your brand is essential to ensure the appropriate attributes are accessible.
To modify your attributes, log into your GMB account and navigate to the information tab on the left panel. Here, you can view the available categories and specific properties for your listing. The standard types include accessibility, business features, amenities, health and safety measures, highlights, payment options, and service offerings.
Google offers detailed instructions on updating, adding, or modifying attributes on GMB. Additionally, within the “From the business” section, you can search for specific amenities to enhance your listing’s accuracy and comprehensiveness.



In 2023, Availability attributes empower businesses to communicate their readiness to accommodate customers with specific needs. These attributes offer insights such as wheelchair-accessible entrance, wheelchair-accessible restroom, wheelchair-accessible seating, wheelchair-accessible parking, and wheelchair-accessible lift options. These attributes convey a business’s commitment to inclusivity and accessibility for all patrons.


From The Business 

“From the business” permits a proprietor to feature if their business is Black, Women, or Veteran driven.


Wellbeing and Safety 

In 2023, the Well-being and Safety attributes gained significance due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These attributes enable businesses to communicate safety measures, including mask and temperature check policies for staff and visitors. They also indicate whether a reservation is necessary and highlight the practice of sanitizing surfaces between visits. These attributes are crucial in assuring customers of a business’s commitment to maintaining a safe and hygienic environment.



Installment attributes are Cash-just, Checks, Credit cards (American Express, China Union Pay, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, and VISA), Debit cards, NFC versatile installments.

Also, no, bitcoin isn’t an alternative (yet).



Insights attributes are set up totally differently in GMB versus different classes. Select “Inn ascribes” and it will take you to another page where you can add a wide range of data individuals should think about as they’re looking for their next lodging stay.

General room highlights incorporate whether there is A/C, private washroom, bath, and shower. Food-related room highlights incorporate whether there is a kitchen, fridge, microwave, espresso creator, and additionally a minibar.



As of 2023, it’s important to note that while there may be fewer attributes available for certain businesses like hotels, there remains a diverse range of restaurant options. Restaurants have several primary categories for details, including Amenities, Dining Options, Offerings, and Service Choices. Within the Dining Options category, businesses can highlight their meal offerings, such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, and whether seating is available.
The Offerings category informs customers about additional offerings like alcoholic beverages or specific food items. The Service Options category focuses on how customers can access the food, including choices like curbside pickup, delivery, dine-in, drive-through, takeout, and outdoor seating. These attributes empower restaurants to communicate their services and offerings effectively to potential customers.


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