Google acknowledged and Fixed its issue with the Search engine

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google indexing issue

A few days back on 15th July 2022, Google confirms an ongoing issue with the search index which was affecting a heavy number of websites, and the reason was unknown and tough to determine. Google identified and resolved the issue within 12 hours.

Google indexing issue

It’s safe to say that the issue is now fixed but it has sure affected many websites, let’s try to find out the impact it had on other websites.


How the Websites were affected?

It massively affect websites and the articles were not indexed for a longer time.

The problem may have started at some point, but when it did, the website owner’s newly uploaded pages and articles were not indexed.

As far as we can tell, every site is affected by the problem. or at the very least, all websites that will be adding new content on the 15th July.

You shouldn’t be concerned if you haven’t and don’t plan to add any new pages to your website.

The past demonstrates that these indexing problems impacting new content do not apply to existing content.


Impact on Search Rankings

Since it was a temporary bug, it had no harm to existing rankings. The biggest concern about Google glitches is how they may affect search engine rankings.

To be clear, this problem only affects indexing and not ranking. The Google Search ranks for current content won’t be impacted by this glitch.

New content won’t have a chance to rank because it won’t be indexed, but that will only be the case while Google fixes the issue.


Is the bug fixed, Will my content be indexed NOW?

It’s hard to predict whether the content you upload on the 15th will eventually get indexed because Google doesn’t promise to index all content, even when systems are operating normally.


The bug is now fully resolved and the content is now getting indexed as per usual.