Google Introduces’ Notes’: Empowering Users to Comment on Search Results

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Google Unveils’ Notes’ in Search Labs, Enabling Users to Add Comments and Insights to Search Results.
In an experimental release through Search Labs, Google introduced ‘Notes,’ a feature that enables users to view and contribute comments to search results and articles. The objective is to incorporate valuable user insights alongside standard search outcomes to enhance the search experience with real-time, user-generated information.

Google has introduced a new experimental feature named Notes, enabling users to access and share tips alongside search results. This release comes through Google’s Search Labs, allowing users to test upcoming features before widespread availability. Notably, Google has unveiled various search experiments within Labs, including its conversational AI assistant Bard.


How Notes Works


The functionality of Notes involves users, who, after opting in through Google’s Search Labs, will notice a designated “Notes” button accompanying select search results and Discover articles within the Google app. Upon tapping this button, users access notes left by others, specifically about that page. Additionally, individuals can create their notes, as mentioned by Brad Kellett, Senior Director of Engineering for Google Search, aiming to “share your expertise with the world.” These notes may encompass various elements such as text, photos, stickers, and other customizable features. Furthermore, Google plans to incorporate AI-generated images into notes shortly.


Google’s Notes: Adding Human Insights to Search Results


Kellett highlighted the significance of relevant user-generated insights: “Our research shows a strong interest in understanding what individuals similar to oneself think about a webpage. Notes complement existing web content, introducing a fresh layer of human perspectives to your search outcomes.”
Kellett illustrated potential user benefits, such as discovering local insights within articles about new cities or adjusting recipe spice levels based on shared experiences with other users.
“Our objective with this Labs experiment is to offer access to valuable insights from experts and everyday users concerning articles or topics,” he emphasized. “This not only aids in pinpointing the most pertinent information but also provides insights into strategies that have proven effective for others who have navigated similar paths.”


Emphasizing Safety and Quality: Google Prioritizes Content Integrity for Notes Feature


Google has stressed the paramount importance of content safety and quality. Notes will implement safeguards and human content moderation akin to the standard Search results. This feature will persist in its experimental beta phase, aiming to assess and understand user preferences before expanding these capabilities to a broader audience on Search, as per the company’s statement.


Responding to Site Owner Concerns


Google affirmed its commitment to addressing site owners’ concerns, stating, ‘In the coming months, we will actively seek ways to offer site owners insights into notes about their content. Recognizing the significance of this for websites, we are dedicated to collaborating with them to identify the most advantageous tools and insights.

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