Google Officially Drops Indentations in Search

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Google’s Search Liaison verified that Google ceased using indented search results “several weeks ago.”

Google has discontinued the display of indented results within its search listings. Traditionally, Google would present an indented search result beneath the primary result when it originated from the same domain. However, over recent weeks, Google has refrained from utilizing indents in these results.

What prompted this change? Danny Sullivan, the Google Search Liaison, shared, “We stopped employing ‘indented results’ a few weeks ago.” Google decided to discontinue indented results because, as Sullivan explained, “especially with continuous scrolling, it wasn’t as beneficial as it once was.”

Google has periodically employed indented search results since at least 2009.

What remained unchanged is that Google affirmed its “diversity system continues to function, typically displaying a maximum of two results from the same website among the top results.” Consequently, the frequency with which Google Search may present the same domain for a single query on a search results page must be more balanced. The only modification lies in Google’s decision not to indent the result any longer.

The significance of this change lies in the fact that it should not affect how frequently your content appears in Google Search. Instead, it will influence the visual presentation of the second listing within those search results.

Whether this adjustment will positively or negatively impact your click-through rate remains to be determined.

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Shilpi Mathur
[email protected]