Google Resolves Discover Traffic Issue Triggered by October Core Update

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Google Rectifies Discover Traffic Problem Arising from October Core Search Update Deployment
Google has successfully addressed an issue related to Discover traffic that emerged due to the October core update. This bug, attributed to the October core update, has been resolved, and as a result, some websites may now experience increased traffic from Google Discover.

Google has successfully resolved a problem that affected the visibility of certain websites in Google Discover after the company’s most recent core search update. On November 1, Google reported the detection and correction of a bug impacting the application of its October 2023 core update to Discover. Consequently, some websites may now observe an upswing in Discover-related traffic.
The rollout of the October 2023 core update by Google commenced on October 5. These updates refine Google’s primary search algorithms to promote more authoritative content and demote low-quality websites.

Core updates often trigger changes in search rankings that can influence website traffic. Google concluded its most recent core update on October 19.
Upon detecting the issue, Google’s engineers swiftly rectified the problem on the very day it was identified. This correction is expected to reinstate the proper implementation of core update modifications throughout Google Discover.
Discover is a personalized news feed experience accessible on mobile devices and within the Google app. Numerous publishers depend on Discover as a significant source of mobile traffic.
Like its predecessors, this core update was designed to boost the visibility of quality content while diminishing the prominence of unhelpful or deceptive websites. Google regularly enhances its search algorithms through these global updates.

If core updates have a detrimental impact on websites, Google suggests prioritizing enhancements in expertise, content quality, and user experience. The continuous production of informative and accurate content can contribute to the restoration of lost visibility over time.
Although core updates may introduce brief fluctuations in rankings, Google emphasizes that over the long term, high-quality websites reap the rewards. Google asserts that its algorithms are specifically engineered to present authoritative results, ultimately enhancing the search experience for users.

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