Google’s Latest Guidance on Video Structured Data Updates

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Google has refreshed the structured data associated with Video features in Google search, introducing new recommendations that impact the publication date and time of videos.


Alterations to the VideoObject Structured Data Type


Google utilizes the VideoObject structured data type to present diverse, rich results across Google Search, Google Discover, video search results, and Google Image search results.

The modification was implemented to enhance the accuracy of date and time data.
Previously, Google only mandated the initial publication date of the video.


Google’s Modification


In structured data, a “type” signifies an entity, while a “property” represents an attribute of that entity (the structured data type).
Structured data is, therefore, a combination of a type and the attributes associated with that type.
The alteration in video structured data mandates the inclusion of the video’s publication time, achieved through the DateType structured data type.
Google has updated its documentation with additional guidance in two specific sections.
“expires Date”
Now suggests:
“expires DateTime”
The subsequent section was revised with new text, identified by the inclusions enclosed within brackets:
“If relevant, the date [and time] when the video will no longer be accessible, in ISO 8601 format. Do not provide this information if your video has no expiration date.
[We suggest specifying timezone information; otherwise, we will default to the timezone used by Googlebot].”


What’s the Significance of the Video Structured Data Changes?


Google’s guidance for adhering to the updated recommended structured data primarily involves timezone settings, with the default being aligned with Googlebot, possibly in California time.
However, adhering to established structured data standards is a best practice when providing information to Google. Offering Googlebot the expected data aligns with the essence of optimization.
Therefore, it’s advisable to optimize structured data for Google by meeting its expectations rather than taking chances that may lead to unintended outcomes.

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