Top 4 Factors You Should Consider Before Outsourcing SEO Work

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To understand SEO is like peeling a giant onion. Layers underneath layers and more tears than you could possibly imagine. But just like onion is the cornerstone of every tasty dish out there, SEO is the foundation for every successful business out there. You can’t do without it. The big question then, naturally, becomes whether you want to train to be an SEO professional alongside keeping your business alive, or outsource the work to professionals who know their way around the different ingredients of search engine optimization. Below, we throw light on the Top 4 Factors you should take into account before outsourcing your SEO work.

The Cost Factor

First things first – the budget. Just how much are you willing to spend on SEO on a monthly or annual basis is a major deciding factor whether you want to outsource it or keep in in-house or do it yourself. Whatever be the case out of the three, SEO will not be cheap, especially when it is to be executed in totality and to perfection. If you are you to do it yourself, do you have time and energy for the learning curve that comes with it? If you are to get it done in-house, does it fall into your budget getting SEO experts on-board and the man-hours that come with it? And if these two scenarios seem too much of an effort, do you have the budget to outsource it to competent team with prior history of executing big SEO campaigns with power results? Your answer lies within these lines.

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Your Marketing Strategy and Goals

Two of the most important factors to consider before outsourcing SEO work are: one, can your marketing strategy do without SEO; and second, the current status of your SEO campaign. In all fairness, the first factor renders itself moot because in today’s day and age of internet, no brand can flourish without SEO. And when it comes to the second, it is important to consider where your strategy is now. Do you have to start afresh with the SEO? Have you started it, seen some good results and now want to take it a few notches up? Or if you’ve had phenomenal success and now simply want to take it to the next level? Think hard. Decide quickly.

Building on the Brand Identity

Most SEO companies follow universal SEO tactics for all kind of niches: On-page, off-page, link-building and so on. That is, the same way of approaching things. Granted, all these aspects of SEO are extremely important but you have to ask yourself if the company you’re thinking of outsourcing SEO work to is competent enough to think out of the box and take your brand and strategic plans into account. Are they familiar with your brand and niche? If not, can they familiarize themselves with it? If yes, are they competent enough to create a customer-centric way of doing things that echo your brand’s ethos in a major way and expand them in years to come?

Partial or Total Outsource

It’s also very important to consider whether you want to outsource the whole work or just parts of it. For example, if you already have a competent team of writers on board with proven worth and experience, it makes sense to get the content work done in-house rather than outsourcing it. Also, On-page SEO is something that is quite easy to understand albeit time-consuming, but virtually cost-free. Can you take time to research and study about On-page SEO and outsource the rest of the work to another company. Last but not the least, it also comes down to your budget as to how much are you willing to spend on it outsourcing, keeping in mind, obviously, if you can take on other aspects yourself or in-house.

SEO is tough business, and it is important to do it right. Taking into consideration all of the factors mentioned above should clear out a lot of things for you. Having said that, it is also important to remember that SEO is a long-term game and not a short-term bet. Focus on the former if you are to achieve any real success with it.

Mohit Behl
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