9 Ways You Can Get Page 1 Google Rankings Organically

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Much has happened over the last decade or so when it comes to SEO and Google, with the latter having evolved to a point where the former is always catching up. That being said, Google’s sole motive has always been making search easier for the searchers, as well as a whole lot relevant. But with millions of websites and data running around in a huge, chaotic mess, is it even possible for a new website like yours to make it to the first page of search results? Yes, and rich snippets is one of the most effective ways to do it. Here, we discuss how you can use rich snippets to your advantage and secure a place at the top of the first page of Google search results.

Use YouTube to its Advantage

Video rich results are a thing these day, and pretty huge at that. Now, they even supersede the text results and often appear at the top. If you could find a way to create regular content on YouTube with quality titles, descriptions, and tags, you could secure a place up top in no time.

The Carousel Stairwell

If you’re a running content on educational course, movies, recipes, or are running a restaurant, you have a legit chance at climbing to the No. 1 spot with Carousel Rich Results. As per Google, “To enable a carousel for your site, add Carousel structured data in combination with one of the above supported content types.

Utilise Data-based Snippets

If you are into regularly publishing new stories and data and tables are a big part of it then this is one of the most effective ways to not only share information but also appear at the top of the search results. To know more about how to implement it seamlessly, read this informative post from Google.

Top Story Your Way to the Top

Find your way around using the correct structured data for new and relevant stories and Google may display it in the top stories carousel, which appears at the top of search results and includes the headline, the source, and the feature image. To know about how to land that all-important story and your website at the top, read what Google has to say about it.

Become Unmissable with Knowledge Panel Cards

First, you’ll need to Google Business Profile with correct markup, and then optimize it with detailed, relevant information along with the mandatory and consistent NAPs. The more relevant and up-to-date information you add, the more the panel expands, leaving visitors with an overall good experience.

Make Events Eventful with Rich Results

Thinking of running an event or are in the business of it, Event Rich Results are your biggest ally. Just mark your event pages with Event Structured Data and let Google do the rest. When done right, Google will display information about your event on top of Google Search as well as Google Maps. Learn how to do it right here.

Organic Results with Simple Text

The toughest of the lot, given how tremendously competitive it has gotten over the past few years with nearly every keyword and its variation bordering on oversaturation, it will take something truly exceptional on your part to create content that not only stands out but is able to hold its ground for a long time. Think user intent, think creating a database of keywords around user intent, think creating high-quality, informative, problem-solving, and viral content around user intent. You might stand a chance then.

Get on the Featured Snippets

Featured snippet is basically an extension of the above, with the main highlight being 50 words of text, page title, and URL. If Google doesn’t find your content the way we have mentioned it need to be, there is little chance that Google will feature it in the featured snippet. But when it does, all eyes would be on you because you would be at the top of search results.

Mohit Behl
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