Prioritize Fixing Tech Glitches Over Chasing Trends

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In Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the spotlight often veers toward cutting-edge trends and sophisticated strategies. However, Google’s Search Off The Record podcast team recently emphasized the importance of mastering the fundamentals initially.
Members Martin Splitt, Gary Illyes, and John Mueller from Google’s Search Relations team highlighted a prevalent issue: numerous websites continue to grapple with fundamental technical SEO aspects such as site crawlability, indexing, and page rendering. They underscored the necessity of prioritizing these foundational elements before delving into advanced tactics or chasing the latest trends in SEO strategies.


Technical SEO: Foundation Before Innovation


Technical SEO lays the groundwork for a website’s structure and setup to enhance its accessibility and visibility to search engines during crawling and indexing processes.
Unlike content creation or promotional strategies, technical SEO exclusively addresses the backend aspects of a website’s framework.
Illyes sheds light on his social media posts revolving around technical SEO, stating, “I often share insights about technical aspects because we occasionally observe major site owners or SEO professionals overlooking crucial foundational elements.”

Illyes shared insights from conferences where attendees were engrossed in pursuing the ‘next big thing.’
He emphasized the fundamental necessity: “Ensure your content is top-notch initially… Many websites I’ve encountered aren’t helpful or useful for users seeking information.”
Highlighting the significance of technical elements in SEO, he remarked, “If Googlebot can’t access your site, struggles with rendering, or lacks essential content, Google’s capabilities are limited.”
Splitt concurred, emphasizing the enduring importance of technical SEO: “It encompasses all those fundamental elements.” He suggested starting troubleshooting with a site’s homepage, considering its paramount significance to search engines.
Neglecting these technical facets can result in critical issues like rendering failures or site inaccessibility, severely impacting a website’s search engine ranking and overall performance.


Redefining Metrics: Prioritizing Quality in Traffic Evaluation


The discussion delved into content evaluation, challenging the misconception that elevated traffic directly correlates with high-quality pages.
Mueller cautioned against relying solely on analytics metrics, emphasizing the importance of user experience: “Focusing solely on traffic can be misleading.”
He illustrated this with an example of a site excelling in generic keyword rankings but failing to deliver substantial value to users. The overall statistics appeared alarming as traffic dwindled for these low-quality keywords, yet the impact could have been more inconsequential.


What Deserves Your Focus?


The hosts stressed the importance of considering metrics beyond mere traffic, advocating for user engagement and satisfaction as more reliable gauges of a page’s value and excellence.
Mueller underlines this, saying, “It’s crucial to view the comprehensive scope of traffic while acknowledging… a significant portion may have been insignificant.”
He advocates concentrating on pertinent queries and monitoring lower-level pages for a more comprehensive grasp of a site’s effectiveness.


How to Craft Top-Tier Content?


More than merely generating abundant content is required; it should cater to a purpose and offer substantial value to its target audience. Yet, Illyes proposes that crafting high-quality content might be less complex than commonly assumed.
The essence lies in addressing what aids individuals in fulfilling their objectives upon visiting a page. This could involve furnishing exhaustive solutions to prevalent inquiries, resolving issues, or narrating captivating and fascinating tales.
Illyes ponders, “What if the essence of quality is more straightforward than perceived? What if it’s about penning content that aids people in accomplishing their goals when they land on the page?”


Key Points to Remember


The conversation among Google’s Search Relations team highlights two pivotal takeaways.
Firstly, it underscores the significance of mastering the fundamentals of technical SEO as a precursor to employing advanced strategies.
Secondly, it stresses that a site’s success hinges more on the quality of content and user engagement than on mere traffic statistics.
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