The Complete Manual for Excelling in Technical SEO Audits

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We understand. Conducting a technical SEO audit for website can be daunting.

However, we know its crucial role in your site’s performance and search ranking.

Delving into every aspect of your site might seem overwhelming, yet thoroughness is vital for a successful audit.

So, how can you streamline and enhance the efficiency of your auditing process?

Performing a successful SEO audit doesn’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach, but there are key aspects to focus on.

We’ve consolidated these essentials into our Complete Technical SEO Audit Workbook!

This comprehensive workbook and ebook bundle serve as your ultimate guide and SEO audit template, essentially the cheat sheet you didn’t realize you required!

Contained within are all the necessary data, references, and advanced tactics to kickstart your audit and streamline your strategy.

Leverage the workbook to:

  • Monitor the advancements in your technical and on-page SEO audits.
  • Keep track of implemented fixes.
  • Organize and consolidate data efficiently.
  • Effectively communicate results to clients and stakeholders, backed by comprehensive background data.


How SEO Audit Template Operates


SEO audit workbook caters to SEO specialists at any proficiency level, whether you’re a seasoned professional tackling complex issues or a novice starting.


Step 1: Audit 60 Technical SEO Elements

Utilize the Technical Audit Checklist tab to oversee the audit of 60 technical facets, including crawl optimization, performance, and accessibility.


Step 2: Audit 24 On-Page SEO Elements

Utilize the On-Page Audit Checklist tab to examine 24 on-page elements across your website, covering aspects like duplicate content, internal links, structured data, and international targeting.


Step 3: Integrate Relevant SEO Audit Findings

Insert pertinent data tables from your audit tools into the Data tabs.


Step 4: Compile Insights into an SEO Recommendation Template

Summarize and prioritize your discoveries in the Audit Recommendations tab.

Ready to streamline your audits and enhance your technical and on-page SEO strategies?


Whenever you need assistance analyzing and rectifying website issues, access the workbook for helpful tips and tricks to keep you on the right path.

Meanwhile, the accompanying ebook is your comprehensive guide, offering detailed instructions, advanced tips, and expert insights to use the workbook effectively.


Now, conduct your technical and on-page SEO audits confidently and ensure every box has been checked and every detail thoroughly examined. Should you still need help or clarification, explore our monthly SEO packages, where our experts can assist you.

Shilpi Mathur
[email protected]