12 Ways to Create Backlinks from Your YouTube Videos

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Backlinks serve as hyperlinks connecting webpages or websites. These links are vital in optimizing search engine rankings, indicating that the linked site or webpage is a valuable source of information on a specific subject.

In the realm of YouTube videos, acquiring more backlinks enhances credibility in the eyes of search engines, resulting in higher rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). To assist you in initiating the process of generating backlinks from YouTube videos, this comprehensive guide offers 12 valuable tips.


  1. Guest Vlogging 


You may be familiar with guest posting on blogs, but have you considered doing it for your YouTube videos?

Suppose you specialize in a specific niche, such as Personal Finance or Parenting. In that case, you can explore the opportunity of guest vlogging for a renowned YouTuber within your niche or someone with a higher ranking than your channel.


  1. Embedding YouTube Videos on Your Website & Related Websites 


Although embedding a YouTube video on your website may not qualify as traditional link building for your video, it offers increased visibility. It serves as another avenue to enhance video views.

For instance, consider embedding your YouTube video onto a pertinent webpage if you own a website. This way, when visitors explore your site and watch the embedded video, it boosts viewership and encourages engagement.

Additionally, you can leverage certain press release syndicates that permit video embedding within press releases, enabling you to incorporate videos alongside your written content.


  1. Share on Social Media Platforms


If you manage social media pages that direct traffic to your website, you can leverage these platforms to share links to your YouTube videos, thereby expanding your viewership potential.

In essence, you can post your video links on popular social media platform as Reddit, Slashdot, or Pinterest, generating social bookmarks for your videos and increasing their visibility among social media users.


  1. Utilize Web 2.0 Sites 


Web 2.0 platforms like WordPress, Weebly, BlogSpot, Blogger, Squarespace, and Tumblr offer valuable opportunities to embed your videos and expand your reach.

Integrating these sites into your marketing strategy and optimizing your keywords can significantly boost user engagement. As a result, you may witness instances where your website and embedded YouTube video achieve first-page rankings on search engines, effectively positioning your content for specific search queries.


  1. Utilize Pinterest Video Pins 


Pinterest is a popular social media platform having 320 million monthly active users and an astonishing 200 billion pins saved by its community. It is an excellent resource for YouTube video content, enabling users to discover new products and brands.

One effective method of generating backlinks for your YouTube videos is through Pinterest video pins. These pins allow you to convey a comprehensive narrative about your project, brand, or concept.

Video pins grab your audience’s attention by utilizing an enticing cover image and auto-playing within users’ feeds. Furthermore, you can also leverage video ads to promote your content on Pinterest.


  1. Leverage Partner Vlogs or Websites 


If you own multiple vlogs or websites, they can be valuable resources for creating backlinks to your YouTube videos. You can establish internal backlinks within your network or share your video links on partner sites and vlogs as long as they are relevant to your niche or category. By strategically incorporating these backlinks, you can enhance the visibility and reach of your YouTube content through your trusted network of partner vlogs and websites.


  1. Utilize Comment Links 


Comment links allow you to include links within group forum threads or on other vlogs relevant to your niche or category.

Engaging in thoughtful and impactful comments can attract attention, particularly if they contribute value to the post or vlog. This presents an opportunity for your video to obtain a backlink effortlessly.

By actively commenting on YouTube videos from other brands, you increase your visibility to potential subscribers and establish relationships and potential partnerships with those brands. Additionally, it demonstrates your attentiveness to conversations beyond your brand, further enhancing your credibility.


  1. Automated Link Building Software


You can explore using automated link building software if you prefer a more streamlined approach. Numerous options are available to assist you in this endeavor.


  1. Broken Link Building 


An effective strategy for building backlinks involves identifying relevant broken links on other vlogs, videos, or websites and contacting the respective owners. Replace those broken links with your functional link. If you need help finding broken links, you can utilize a broken link checker tool to simplify the process.


  1. Skyscraper Technique 


The Skyscraper Technique involves identifying highly linked and relevant content. By creating superior YouTube videos on similar topics, you can approach those originally attached to the content and request them to link to your YouTube video instead. This technique enables you to leverage existing link networks and enhance the visibility and reach of your videos.


  1. Unlinked Mentions 


Unlinked mentions present valuable opportunities to generate backlinks to your YouTube videos. Watch for instances where your company or brand is mentioned without a clickable link. Reach out to the content creator and kindly request them to make the mention clickable, directing visitors to your YouTube videos. This strategy allows anyone visiting their website to click on your content and easily access your YouTube videos.


  1. Create Exceptional Video Content


To effectively market your YouTube videos and improve SEO, creating unique video content that resonates with your audience and encourages sharing is crucial.

By crafting compelling video content, you give your viewers a valuable resource they are more likely to share, generating backlinks to your YouTube videos. Amazing video content possesses three key qualities: it attracts attention, educates the audience, and engages viewers on a deep level.

You can achieve this by creating various types of content, such as customer reviews, explainer videos, tutorials, features, user-generated content showcasing customers using your brand, or service demonstrations.

As you consistently produce high-quality video content, your YouTube channel expands, allowing you to diversify your marketing efforts. If you’re uncertain how to create unique video content, consider outsourcing the work to professionals.

Remember to include one or two backlinks in the video description of each published video, whether they are dofollow or nofollow. Both links can provide value in driving traffic and raising brand awareness.




In conclusion, establishing backlinks for your YouTube videos is an effective strategy for attracting new visitors to your website.

When you have compelling videos ready for upload, you are on the path to success, as viewers will watch them, and search engines will recognize the significance of the links within the video descriptions.

Ensure that you upload high-quality, optimized videos that include relevant links, and then implement the 12 tips provided in this guide to create valuable backlinks that can boost your rankings. If you find the process challenging, consider exploring our monthly SEO packages, where our experts can handle the task for you with their expertise.


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