Building Global Trust: Strategies for Successful International Growth

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Boost your international expansion with SEO by leveraging trust to improve your ranking in Google’s search results. E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authority, Trust) comprises factors that help Google determine if the content is helpful for users, thus prioritizing it in search results.

In recent articles, we explored how leveraging Experience, Expertise, and Authority can boost a company’s international strategy. However, one crucial component within the E-E-A-T framework remains Trust. Despite being the last factor we discuss, it is certainly not the least important. On the contrary, according to Google’s search quality rater guidelines, Trust—measured by a page’s accuracy, honesty, safety, and reliability—is the most vital element of E-E-A-T.

Regardless of a website’s experience, expertise, or authority, it will have low E-E-A-T if it lacks trustworthiness. Demonstrating trust is particularly crucial for “Your Money or Your Life” (YMYL) topics, which can significantly impact an individual’s or society’s health, finances, safety, security, knowledge, or well-being. But how do we integrate this into our international strategies? How can we leverage E-E-A-T to boost our global expansion and demonstrate our honesty and reliability to users worldwide?

Let’s explore some detailed actions that can be implemented to achieve these international results.


How to Demonstrate Trust to Users Worldwide


Accessibility and Usability

A fast, secure, and user-friendly website ensures global access to your product or service. It should facilitate easy navigation, information search, and seamless transactions across different regions.


International Branding

A recognizable international brand or domain name enhances accessibility and trustworthiness, aiding users worldwide in finding and recognizing your brand online, irrespective of language barriers.


Localization: Key to Building Trust

Adapting your message and strategies to resonate with diverse global audiences is crucial. Localization involves:

  • Analyzing regional languages to prioritize website inclusion.
  • Transcreating content to align with local cultural nuances and user expectations.
  • Implementing hreflang tags for accurate language targeting and improved search visibility.


Ensuring Site Security

Building confidence in international transactions requires showcasing robust security measures. Communicate:

  • Supported currencies and payment methods are relevant to each region.
  • Comprehensive shipping details, including delivery times and tracking options, to assure reliability.


Detailed ‘About Us’ Page

A detailed ‘About Us’ page is essential for international audiences unfamiliar with your brand. Include:

  • Company origins and location details with visual media.
  • Insights into your product creation and manufacturing processes.
  • Team member profiles and credentials to establish expertise and reliability.


Reliable Customer Service

Accessible customer support is vital for international credibility. Provide:

  • International FAQ sections addressing common queries.
  • Contact options like live chat, WhatsApp, and email are available for direct assistance.
  • Customer reviews and testimonials to showcase positive user experiences.


Linking to External Validation

Build credibility through external validations such as:

  • Active social media profiles and endorsements from local influencers.
  • Features on industry-relevant websites and directories to enhance visibility and reputation.


Leveraging Trust for Global Success


Trust is crucial for YMYL topics and paramount for all international endeavors. Demonstrating accuracy, honesty, reliability, expertise, and authority strengthens global trust and supports sustainable international growth.

By focusing on such strategies, businesses can effectively cultivate trust among diverse global audiences, facilitating stronger connections and sustainable growth on an international scale.


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Shilpi Mathur
[email protected]