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Let’s get the obvious out of the way. Yes, it can be done. Let’s get the second almost obvious out of the way. Yes, it can definitely be done using white-hat link building methods. So the question isn’t really about the ‘if’ but the ‘how’. Ever since Google carried out an internet-wide crackdown on shady link building techniques and directories and article submission sites in 2012, the gambling industry has had to make some serious changes to its internet marketing and SEO strategies. Club that with the fact that the industry comes with a non-detachable stigma attached to it and you’ve got quite a pickle. Reputable websites, to this day, are wary of linking to content related to the gambling websites because of the associated stigma. That creates an inherent lack of linkable assets, forcing search engine algorithms to either penalise the website altogether or putting it at the darkest corners of the SERP results.

Naturally, the SEO experts as well as gambling conglomerates started advocating grey tactics or black-hat link building techniques as the only way to rank a gambling website. By gaming the system, for lack of a better term. They seem to have a point, only that it NOT the only way forward. White-hat link building in the gambling industry is a not mission impossible. It is, in fact, very doable and has been done time and again by the extremely skilled SEO specialists who know how to hold the ear from the other end without punching the face. Here on, I am going to shed light on a few white-hat link building strategies (they are not new to anyone) that play a key role in helping a gambling website rank better, strategies that I have found to be very effective in the long run.

4 Key Tips to Follow Religiously When Building White-Hat Links for the Gambling Industry


1. Generating Leads

I call it the reverse-hunt, wherein, instead of going after the weakest member of the herd, or shall I say, any low-quality, poorly made and structured website that will agree to link back in exchange for some currency, we go after and convince the one with established trust and authority. Someone who understands the massive scope in the gambling industry and genres it can reach out to: business, entertainment, education, psychology, social issues, and legal etc. Including but not limited to some EDU websites. Any credible source that values a well-written piece and the value it can bring not only to its own website but enhance reader’s understanding is a hot pursuit.

The next step is to build an exhaustive list of websites and online publications that can approached for guest post outreach. Cross-check each lead’s history, before approaching them, based on the following criteria:

  • Whether or not they accept submissions from freelancers?
  • Whether or not they allow outbound links in the write-up?
  • Whether or not they include an author’s bio with a link back?


But the most important things to always remember that sometimes the links won’t come easy; it’s not that straightforward a bargain. Sometimes you have to prove your worth many times over in order to gain trustworthiness. And last but not the least; avoid putting out guest posts out there like hotcakes. Instead, make each post a gourmet experience, that is to say, make it a prime feature that readers would want to sit back, read and appreciate.

2. In-depth Topic Research and High-quality Writing

Take this for example, a website dedicated to psychology and associated issues will be very interested in a topic “What happens inside the brain of a gambling addict when they make a bet?” Only articles that exalt gambling is not the norm to rank a gambling website; a wide range of responses, both positive and negative, can be utilised to write about a variety of topics. The idea, as discussed in the point above, is to write a quality piece that will enlighten the readers as well as add value to the publisher’s website.

But at the same time, it is important to not forsake the marketing and business aspect of it for the sake of creativity. The two need to work in tandem. You can write a convincing and engaging story on casino and the business of business with a flashy but not click-bait(y) headlines that will stop browsing midway and prompt you to read it at once. This also makes them perfect for case studies for both potential clientele and readers who want to understand the workings of the gambling industry with respect to the SEO aspect of it.

Keeping all that in mind, write original, high-quality, shareable and viral content. But how to set your article apart from the flood of articles hogging unnecessary space on the internet? You give it an interest twist by asking a question to the audience: “Are people between the age group 18-25 more prone to gambling addiction as this study suggests?” Chances are high that you will get an enormous number of hits and shares across with people from all spheres pitching in with their views, expert and otherwise. You have got them talking, that is all you needed.

The last obvious step is to get that article written in the most honest fashion, in a unique and original way, by someone who, preferably, is an expert in the field who is looking to solidify his or her online presence. Avoid outsourcing it to freelancers or agency writers as they might lack the in-depth knowledge to tackle an article like this, in turn they might end up trivialising the topic at hand with not much value to add and thereby compromising on the quality of the entire piece. Ensure the topic bears a larger social significance and is not just another addition to the crowd.

3. Original Guest Post Outreach Program

It’s neither mandatory nor advised to follow the point above and this in sequence. Rather, I advice play to the tune, which means, you can have the topic research and be all set to go but ask the publication well in advance whether or not to go ahead with it. Or you can get it written beforehand if you are sure of its acceptance in the chosen publication. It’s always better when you have a prior history of collaborating with the said publication.

However, I’d suggest to follow Tip No. 2 and 3 in tandem. And my advice would always be to tailor your pitch according to each publication or website. Make it elaborate, explain it to them why you think your article will be suitable to the publisher’s target audience, what value it will add, throw in your previously published works and your employment history and experience. Naturally, the better it is, the better are your chances of approval.

Some tips within the tip:

  • Do a thorough research on the editor of the publication.
  • Market yourself as a confident, talented writer with due knowledge on what you wrote and propose.


4. Appreciation of Linkable Assets by Building Power Links

The trick is not to make the links appear natural but having links naturally fit into the bigger narrative. Tell a story and they will come, hack into the story and sooner or later, Google will come knocking. It is time consuming, but relevant, and important. As simple and clichéd and overused the technique is, I cannot state enough that guest posting is much, much more than just a way to gain backlinks. The article needs to tie into the larger motive of the SEO strategy in order to bring back fruitful results and avoid search engine sharks swimming about clean waters. You need to not only increase the number of linkable assets on a gambling website, but also play a part in the appreciation of those assets over time. You get the point.

And as discussed earlier, these are not necessarily steps to follow one after the other, but mere blueprint of the process. If you have already established good contact and relations with various publishers and websites, like I have over the years, you can straightaway go about researching and writing and get it published without any hassles. And even though this post is written with the gambling industry in mind, the tips are largely universal and can be applied to other niches as well to get good results consistently. To conclude and to further help you with the topic and also act as a live example, I have written a bit about a gambling website from Indonesia on which I with my team had worked on using our Monthly Packages along with The Rank Godfather service.

How Sarkar’s White-Hat Link Building Tactics for the Thai, Indonesian, and Korean Gambling Industry Turned the Fortunes of a Major Gambling Player


I first had a word with Sbobet Login (read the Sbobet Login Case Study), an Online Gambling Agent licensed by the First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation, Manila-Philippines, and licensed by the Isle of Man Government in Europe, not too long ago. Given that all sorts of casinos, gambling, and betting in Indonesia, is not exactly legal, made it really difficult for Sbobet to increase virtual footfalls on its website. Not to mention the ranks suffered. Also, to handle a niche like this is not everybody’s cup of tea.

I along with my team started working on Sbobet when its traffic was dwindling around and below 16k. Using The Rank Godfather in combination with other Monthly SEO Packages with SarkarSEO and Sarkar’s 5-Point Technique.

  • An extensive, high-level technical SEO Audit was performed on Sbobet’s website, which is an integral part of each of our Monthly SEO Packages.
  • On-page Content Re-optimization was performed thoroughly and order was restored.
  • Original, High-quality SHAREABLE, VIRAL Content was written, with each post was written by a different subject matter expert from our pool of writers.
  • Refurbishing the Link Building Strategy using The Rank Godfather.
  • Refurbishing the Guest Posting Strategy.


In a matter of a month, the organic traffic had been more than doubled: from 16k to 33.2k. Not only that, Sbobet had secured #1 Rank for 3 out of 3 Keywords. We continue to work on Sbobet and it is one of our key clients from this niche, others being from the Thai and Korean Gambling industry who in order to maintain secrecy in sharing success stories using our SEO methodologies, want to not be named. A different strategy was devised for each of the players from countries aforementioned, some were country-specific, others universal. But higher ranks and were achieved for all, using white-hat linking building. It is challenging, but definitely not impossible, as some say. All you need is a little bit of tact and a little bit of SEO play. Just a hat tip. Don’t worry, it’s white!

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Thailand Screenshot ScreenshotIndonesia-

Indonesia Ranking

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