Crowd Marketing: The Forum Link Building Approach

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Here are the most powerful strategies for building backlinks! Stay tuned and prepare to gain comprehensive insights into Crowd Marketing as we unveil all the essential knowledge you need.


Concept of Crowd Marketing


Crowd Marketing, or community or forum marketing, encompasses various interpretations and possibilities. In our context, it refers to a specific forum link building strategy where your website’s backlink, accompanied by a genuine response, is shared within online communities. This approach offers significant SEO benefits, as search engines like Google value website references, enhancing credibility and trustworthiness and improving rankings in search engine result pages (SERPs).


Why Crowd Marketing Matters?


Utilizing crowd marketing for SEO can yield remarkable advantages, despite its underestimation over the years. This presents an opportunity to gain a competitive edge by being an early adopter, achieving the top ranking within your niche. Here are the key benefits you can anticipate from a successful crowd marketing campaign:

  1. Establishing a robust backlink profile.
  2. Attaining higher rankings in Google Search.
  3. Generating increased traffic to your website.
  4. Potentially experiencing a surge in sales.
  5. Enhancing brand awareness and expanding the exposure of your product or service.
  6. Building trust in your brand through an influx of positive reviews.

By harnessing the potential of crowd marketing, you can unlock these advantages and propel your SEO efforts to new heights.


How Forum Marketing Drives Traffic and Boosts Sales?


Indeed, forum marketing can bring both traffic and sales to your website. Our case studies have consistently shown positive results, with clients reporting higher rankings on Google after implementing crowd marketing campaigns. Additionally, more than 70% of our clients have provided reviews and screenshots demonstrating a significant increase in website traffic.

While forum marketing doesn’t guarantee direct sales, it often leads to conversions. Your website is presented within a relevant context, attracting the attention of customers who are likely to explore your offerings and make purchases.

Moreover, crowd marketing can generate indirect sales as well. Consider the logical chain: Internet users typically search for solutions to their problems or questions, and often, these solutions involve commercial products or services. The speed at which users find the desired solution greatly influences their purchasing decision. It will only be noticed if your website appears on the first page of Google (where over 95% of people focus their attention). However, if your website is among the top results, it gains exposure to a larger audience, significantly increasing the chances of closing a sale.

In summary, crowd marketing may bring direct sales (though not guaranteed), but its benefit lies in achieving higher rankings on Google. This elevated visibility could drive a substantial number of sales indirectly. In addition, increased traffic to your website is a significant outcome of crowd marketing campaigns. Still, converting leads into profitable customers depends on your website’s appeal and value proposition. Crowd marketing enhances exposure, brand awareness, and rankings while converting leads into loyal customers requires strategic considerations on your part.




Now that you’ve gained valuable insights into the intricacies of crowd marketing, it’s time to take the next step. If you still have reservations, we understand. Explore our monthly SEO packages, where our team of industry experts will handle your needs with the utmost proficiency. Let us guide you toward success in your forum link building and crowd marketing endeavours.

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