Driving Traffic with Video SEO Strategies for Wedding Photographers

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Every month, skilled wedding photographers with a solid grasp of SEO techniques appear on the first page of Google when countless potential clients search for services in their area. I want to ensure that those valuable clicks go to you.

SEO is a potent marketing tool for wedding photographers, enabling you to be discovered by a larger pool of potential clients. However, you might perceive it as overly technical, time-consuming, and bewildering when figuring out where to begin.

As an expert in wedding SEO, this article will delve into the initial steps we highly recommend (because they have proven effective!) for all my photography SEO clients and students.

If you desire to enhance the visibility of your wedding photography business on Google, here are the very initial steps you should take to improve your SEO:


6 Essential Steps for Wedding Photography SEO


  1. Choosing the Perfect Keyword

If you aspire to enhance your SEO and be discovered on Google, you must address one crucial question: What specific terms do you want searchers to enter to find you? This is an essential consideration that will significantly impact your SEO success.

Keywords refer to the words that individuals input into search engines. Therefore, when initiating your SEO journey, compiling a comprehensive list of keywords you desire to be associated with is of utmost importance.

Take a moment to brainstorm all the potential ideas couples might enter into Google when planning a wedding in your area. Leave no stone unturned in this process.

  1. Integrating Your Key Keyword on the Home Page for SEO Success

If you fail to include a specific keyword on your website, you cannot expect to rank for it.

Simply put, Google cannot recognize that you are a Knoxville wedding photographer if you do not explicitly state it.

That is why Step 2 in our “getting started with SEO” process emphasizes the significance of incorporating your primary keyword somewhere on your home page.

Ideally, you should feature it as a heading near the top of the page. Additionally, I recommend seamlessly integrating the essential keyword into a paragraph on the home page.

  1. Communicating Your Service Areas for SEO

If you have incorporated a focus keyword containing a specific city on your home page, you have already clarified your location. However, if you still need to, please don’t leave me guessing your location.

I commonly come across photographer websites where photographers must remember to mention the city they operate in. But, unfortunately, it’s not mentioned on their home page, About page, or even the contact page, which can be pretty confusing.

While I understand that photographers are often willing to travel anywhere for a wedding shoot, it’s important to note that without mentioning your location, you won’t rank for significant keywords on Google.

Therefore, find a way to list a few major cities where you frequently work. This can be done on your home page, Service page, or even in the footer of your website.

By doing so, you have the strength to rank for and receive clicks from nearby areas and make it evident that your services extend beyond a single city.

  1. Maximizing Your Reach with a Google My Business Listing

Having a Google My Business listing is important if you operate a local business and aim to be discovered on Google. The great news is that creating and maintaining your listing is completely free.

Your Google My Business data ensures your presence on the map results. In addition, this data enables rich results to come on the right side of Google’s search page, showcasing essential information like photos, reviews, contact details, and more when someone searches for your business by name. Therefore, establishing your Google My Business listing as a photographer is of utmost importance to enhance your visibility, attract attention, and ultimately increase your online presence on Google.

Crucial Steps:

  • Set your primary category to “Wedding photographer”: Ensure that your primary category on your Google My Business listing accurately reflects your specialization in wedding photography, rather than using a more generic “Photographer” category.
  • Showcase your work with photos: It’s highly recommended to upload at least 20 pictures to your listing and aim to add new ones regularly. This allows potential clients to see your portfolio and understand your photography style.
  • Complete all available information: Take full advantage of the provided fields on your Google My Business listing. Be aware of essential sections such as the Description, website URL, and Services.
  1. Showcase Your Work By Blogging Three Favourite Weddings

In this crucial step, we aim to add valuable content to your website while effectively displaying your exceptional work.

Blogging a few weddings is key, and by “blog,” I don’t simply mean sharing 50 images in a post and considering it complete.

Blog posts should incorporate meaningful text. Remember that Google is an algorithm and cannot comprehend your blog post’s context, location, story, or keywords through images alone. Therefore, writing informative content is essential.

To kickstart your SEO efforts, I recommend uploading three blog posts, each containing at least 500 words. For featured weddings, optimizing them for venue name searches is advisable. At a fundamental level, this involves including the venue name in the title and including it early on in the post to enhance discoverability.

  1. Monitor Your Progress By Track Rankings and SEO Improvements with Ubersuggest

When investing effort into SEO for wedding photographers, it’s crucial to understand its effectiveness clearly.

However, spending valuable time manually searching for your keywords on Google and scrolling through the results in anticipation is not the most efficient approach. Moreover, this method often yields inaccurate results.

Fortunately, you can utilize a free SEO tool like Ubersuggest to track your position on Google consistently and efficiently over time. By leveraging this tool, you can monitor your rankings and measure the impact of your SEO efforts accurately.

Making the most of time and ensuring you stay informed about your SEO performance by embracing the convenience and reliability of a dedicated SEO tracking tool like Ubersuggest.


Simplify Your SEO Journey


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